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Appealing Twisted Plastic Rattan

The collection of twisted plastic rattan includes two styles of rattan, which are sea grass and the regular one. It has an additional twisting process, and is fairly natural and soft because of its different craftsmanship; making it an ideal option for both decoration and furniture.

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    Unlock Unlimited Rattan Styles For Different Needs

    One-stop solutions are offered to satisfy your various needs, contact us right now to get your special customisation options of plastic rattan’s colours, shapes, sizes and surface effects.

    How Our Twisted Collection Helps Build Your Brand

    Sustainable Material Option

    Inspired directly from the nature, seagrass is easy to weave and can be replenished without leaving any waste.

    Clean and Safe Quality

    Our sea grass is a safe, anti-bacterial material that we have tested thoroughly for customer and environmental safety.

    Innovative Properties

    For years, we have produced sea grass rattan with anti-oxidation, anti-stain and weather resistance properties.

    Flexible for Optimal Weaving

    Our sea grass can easily be weaved into differing patterns that can maintain a stronger furniture structure.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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