Plastic Wood

LTR plastic wood boards are synthetic materials that look like natural wood to create durable and attractive outdoor furniture with 20% of domestic market share.

Exquisitely Made For Outdoor Furniture

The patented plastic wood board from LTR allows manufacturers and carpenters to create outdoor furniture that can withstand the outdoor elements. In addition, LTR boards are a sustainable solution for making beautiful wooden furniture. 

Patented Design


Resists Termites

Available for stapling, planing, sawing and drilling

Product Lineup

Embossed Collection

An elevated texture gives LTR’s embossed wood collection a distinct feeling that captures your audience’s interest in your furniture line.

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Brushed Collection

Free from dust and scratches, our brushed wood comes with a delicate matte finish that brings out the simple and clean appearance.

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Planed Collection

A flat surface is given by our planer to create a natural and smooth surface texture, displaying its wood grain in the recipe.

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Print Collection

The coating of our printing wood collection helps make your furniture stand out with their natural wood patterns preserved over long periods.

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Heat Transfer Print Collection

Various novel surface effects are transferred to the wood boards under the heat press, perfectly blending the patterns and materials together.

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Overlay Color Collection

Creating a natural mix colours texture by overlaying pigment ink to the original surface colour, making it eye-catching on outdoor furniture.

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BASF chemicals

What Makes LTR Plastic Wood Board Stand Out


High-density polyethylene is a sustainable material that makes outdoor furniture resistant to scratches or impact damage.


Polystyrene is a lightweight component and is highly resistant to corrosion or mold. PS material is also lighter than natural wood.


LTR plastic wood boards are resistant to oxidation, which makes them last longer and resistant to cracking.

Exquisite Material from Competent Factory

The Fine Production of Plastic Wood

With a focus on quality, durability, productivity and eco-friendliness, our wood products are not only visually appealing and practical, but also a responsible choice for customers who care about the planet.

Thanks to our tip top sparking machines, sawing machines, water mills, CNC machines, drilling machines, extrusion machines and injection molding machines etc., we can produce high quality and unique plastic wood products to meet your particular requirements and preferences.

Plastic wood cutting
CNC Machinery
Plastic wood drilling
Plastic wood tapping

Premium Wood Board Furniture For All Outdoor Occasions

Made From

All premium wood board is made from sustainable materials to lessen the use of natural resources.


Made For

Functional and durable outdoor furniture with a marketable aesthetic.


Made To

Have a longer service life than furniture made from natural wood or other materials.


More than Your Traditional Material Supplier

We Turn Your Concepts to Life

LTR offers an in-depth customization service on our plastic wood boards, giving you several options on the material’s sizes, colours, patterns, texture, and shape.

Every plastic wood board design we suggest is based on extensive market research and your customer demands, helping you tap into your target buyers.

Plastic Wood Plank Inspection

We Share Your Interests Deeply

We invest in the success of your business by offering market studies reports, free samples and logistics and various assistance, such as advice on clearing customs in specific markets.

LTR’s consultants also help you find ways to minimize the cost of your manufacturing process.

Recommended Plastic Accessories

Made from high-quality plastic, our accessories are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. Upgrade your outdoor furniture with our range of plastic accessories that offer both convenience and style.



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