One of the most important challenges in the manufacture of furniture is to guarantee the quality and durability of the furniture even more if it is outdoor furniture because it is not only about the physical appearance of the furniture but also about the period that we can use the furniture before it starts to deteriorate and is replaced by new ones. We already know that synthetic rattan is a highly weather-resistant material, i.e. rattan furniture can remain in the open air for a long time without suffering any modification, however, today many manufacturers are still receiving complaints from their customers about the quality of the structure of the furniture on which the synthetic rattan is woven. It may be due to capital problems or misinformation. However, when it comes to selecting the materials used to make the structures, many manufacturers are still not satisfying the market demand for more resistant, comfortable, and durable structures, which is why in this article we will talk about the most used, suitable structures and the way to weave synthetic rattan on these structures to give shape to outdoor furniture.

Aluminum Structures for Outdoor furniture made of Synthetic Rattan

Aluminum, is used for modern design or as a structure associated with a beautiful resin or rattan covering. Aluminum has an extraordinary resistance to oxidation and this makes it a perfect ally for outdoor furniture manufacturers. Aluminum furniture easily withstands different weather conditions, it is a material that is present both in the structures of outdoor tables and in the colorful seats of chairs and armchairs. Its weight is so light that it is easy to move furniture made of this material, and it is possible to find it stacked or folded for easy storage. It is a highly versatile material, which professional manufacturers use to create a lounge atmosphere by combining it with synthetic rattan to make different furniture models.

  • Aluminum Structures for Outdoor Furniture Made of Synthetic Rattan

One of the main factors of this material is its flexibility, that is to say, aluminum is a material that adapts to the different needs of each manufacturer, both the shape and the size of the material will depend on the type of structure that we wish to manufacture.

The material is available in different shapes mainly in square or circular tubes. The size, i.e. thickness, length, and width of each aluminum tube tends to vary so we can buy the tubes according to our specifications. To shape the aluminum tubes to look like furniture frames ready to weave synthetic rattan over them, a machine is used to bend the aluminum according to our needs.

Aluminium chair with synthetic rattan
Aluminium chair with synthetic rattan
  • Machines and accessories for weaving synthetic rattan on structures

Working with aluminum frames for weaving synthetic rattan furniture is a task that requires experience and we must pay close attention to the selection of the machines and accessories we use. And the choice between a 425k or 422j staple gun will depend on the thickness of the tubes, the plastic accessories for the chairs and tables will depend on the shape and width of each tube.

Metal structures for outdoor furniture in synthetic rattan

Metal is one of the other materials used to manufacture furniture structures which are then used to weave the synthetic rattan onto these structures. Able to withstand heavy loads without deterioration, it also has the advantage of resisting sudden changes in climate. The latter, as long as they are properly maintained or pieces that have been previously treated are purchased.

Wooden Structures for Outdoor Furniture

By now we know that not all materials are suitable for outdoor living. At least if we don’t want to have to renew our garden sofas, porch chairs, pool loungers, or rooftop parasols every season.

In the world of outdoor furniture, biodegradable materials such as aluminum, textilene, proofing, or Viro fibers are becoming more and more common: their characteristics allow them to be used outdoors with hardly any wear and tear and minimum maintenance.

So what about wood? Of course, it is a material that needs some care but at the same time, it is very suitable for outdoor use. The key is the type of wood you choose: just as not all artificial fibers or fabrics can withstand the sun or rain, not all types of wood are the same.

  • Teak

This wood is one of the most valuable in the world of outdoor furniture, thanks to its high resistance to water (it is widely used in nautical applications) and temperature changes.

Teak is also very resistant to fungus and termite attacks thanks to its antiseptic resin that protects it from any external element. The outdoor furniture collections such as Modena patio furniture use only this wood because it is the only one that offers total guarantee and confidence to withstand the climate of the terraces and gardens of the Costa del Sol and combines perfectly with the Twisted collection of synthetic rattan.

Teak Synthetic Rattan Chair
Teak Synthetic Rattan Chair
  • Iroko

This wood from Africa looks very similar to teak, which is why it is also known as “African teak”. However, we have to be careful as it is a much less oily wood than teak and therefore more vulnerable to external elements.

In countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and Nigeria, the Iroko plantations have been overexploited in recent years, which is why it has been classified as a vulnerable species.

  • Acacia Wood

Acacia is a type of wood native to Tasmania (Australia). There are a variety of different types of acacia wood, each with different characteristics. It is a wood widely used in the construction of fine furniture, cabinetry, and joinery. It is one of the most sustainable woods available. It is used as a sustainable alternative to other woods. Acacia wood is truly sustainable. As such, it can be substituted for other woods of similar appearance, such as Mahogany and Hawaiian Koa. The grain of the wood adds extra character. It ranges from straight to wavy, but always with a very natural sheen and luster.

Nowadays the trend of combining this wood with synthetic rattan has spread all over the world giving rise to a great variety of designs and furniture collections. Beige acacia wood in particular is one of the most used by many designers to tone up the beauty of the outdoor environment with elegant furniture.

Beige acacia wood furniture
Beige acacia wood furniture

Selection between Aluminium, Metal, or Wooden Structures for the Manufacture of Synthetic Rattan Furniture

The choice between one material or another to manufacture furniture frames and weave synthetic rattan on them is a decision that each manufacturer makes according to market demand. By choosing aluminum as a material to manufacture outdoor furniture frames we are choosing a material that is highly resistant to weathering, anti-corrosive, and easy to use, however, it requires a lot of investment compared to wood and metal. Metal is three times cheaper than aluminum, which is why many outdoor furniture manufacturers choose this material for outdoor furniture, but it is corrosive and very heavy. Finally, we have wood which, despite offering different furniture structure models and properties, is more vulnerable to weathering compared to aluminum and metal although in some countries it is cheaper and easier to work with and weave synthetic rattan over its structures.


  • Which structures should I use to weave synthetic rattan furniture?

All the structures mentioned in this article are valid for weaving synthetic rattan furniture, however, the choice between one material or another will depend on your investment capital and the models of furniture you wish to make, whether they are high-end or minimalist.

  • What tool is used to fit synthetic rattan to aluminum frames?

Furniture manufacturers make use of the 422j and 425k staple gun to fit synthetic rattan to aluminium frames.

  • What machine is used to shape aluminum frames?

Commonly known as an aluminium bending machine and available in many versions and sizes, it is a machine that allows you to shape aluminum chairs and table frames.

  • Can I buy prefabricated structures and weave the furniture in my own factory?

Of course, there are manufacturers all over the world who offer prefabricated structures made of aluminum, metal, wood, etc.

  • Which type of synthetic rattan is most commonly used in wooden structures?

The most commonly used synthetic rattan model in wooden structures is the flat synthetic rattan, followed by the half-moon model.

  • Which type of synthetic rattan is most commonly used in aluminum structures?

The most used synthetic rattan model in wooden structures is the flat synthetic rattan, followed by the half-moon model and the seaweed.


Furnishing a garden properly is no easy task. To choose the right outdoor furniture structures, we must take into account some important factors to ensure that we manufacture outdoor furniture that guarantees maximum durability and design. Learning about the material and its properties can help us to choose the best outdoor furniture with aluminum, metal, and wood structures that combine with synthetic rattan and that adapt perfectly to the tastes and needs of our customers. At Leisure Touch Rattan, we have a wide catalog with ideal pieces for your outdoor furniture.

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