Round Collection

Round Collection

Round Collection with Robust Resistance

Made with durable plastic rattan, our round rattan collection gives furniture the ability to hold much weight for comfortable seating along with a sturdy structure.

LTR can offer training for framing and weaving for your turnkey project to help you produce your own rattan furniture.

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    Shaped and Customized to Your Requirements

    Our rich custom experience enables us to create round plastic rattan of differing sizes and shapes to fit your requirements, while ensuring the highest quality standards for our rattan products.

    Comprehensive Features Show Our Diversity

    Safe for the Environment

    Coming from eco-friendly materials, our plastic rattan does not leave waste or add to your carbon footprint.

    Quality Tested in Every Level

    We only deliver rattan material that have been laboratory tested for their weathering, salt spray and temperature.

    Innovative Development

    For 30 years, we have developed patented plastic rattan materials to blend well into global markets.

    Made Easy For Manufacturing

    Being a lightweight material, our plastic round rattan is easy to work with and can help produce multiple patterns.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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