Embossed Collection

Highly Detailed Embossed Wood Collection

With sophisticated embossed appearance, our plastic wood boards feature an etched texture and depth of colour while being more durable for long-lasting usage.

The etched texture enables our wood to give a strong impression, bringing to life the natural texture of wood on your furniture.

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    Bespoke Wood Boards of Your Market’s Choosing

    LTR specializes in bringing out various textures and colour options for our embossed wood boards to help you manufacture diverse outdoor furniture pieces that reflect your brand vision.

    What Makes Our Embossed Wood Board Better

    Eco-friendly Production

    We use plastic wood whose sources can be traced and have been audited by our team.

    Meticulous QC Measures

    Our expertise enables us to test our embossed wood thoroughly and ensure their long-term durability.

    Full Perfection

    With our advanced formula, our plastic wood can withstand moisture, scratch and long-term usage.

    Short Lead Time

    Our multi-tasking machinery guarantees that we are delivering enough for bulk orders within schedule.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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