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Plastic Rattan & Wood Board Expert

30 Years of Excellence in Outdoor Furniture Materials

Leisure Touch Rattan is a leading outdoor furniture material manufacturer with rich experience in the industry. We specialize in providing high-quality synthetic rattan, plastic wood board, and plastic accessories for outdoor furniture.

In addition, we specialize in producing a wide range of finished outdoor furniture using our materials, including exquisite dining sets, comfortable sofa sets, stylish bar sets, cozy sun loungers, and so on. Plus we deliver turnkey projects for establishing your own furniture factory.

Advocate of Friendly, Comfy and Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

100% Eco-friendly

Inspired by Natural Elements

We only use plastic particles that meet GRS standards and with exclusive environment reports.

100% Original

20 New Materials Launched Annually

Our materials are derived from premium natural elements, each with a background story.

100% Customisation

No Custom Molding Fee

With over 5,000 molds developed and free prototypes available, we will have the perfect design for your project.

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Always at Your Service

Tailor-made Materials

Customised materials to fit your unique product requirements.

Build Your Own Factory

Assistance in constructing your personalised facility.

Marketing Support

Aid in promoting and advertising products to target audiences.

Custom Clearance

Assistance in navigating the customs clearance process.

Why Choose Us

Boost Your Sales

Offer your customers more with our assortment of 10,000 styles and long service life materials.

Save Your Cost

Every process step is done in-house, saving you time, costs, and peace of mind.

Expand Your Potential Market

Bring more business through our fully-customisable plastic rattan and plastic wood offerings.

Expedite Your Promotion

With 90% automated production and 7 days of free proofing, get your materials in a short time.

Succeed with a Strong Team

Our employees have always been the source of motivation for our business development. We pay close attention to the growth and development of our employees and support them with adequate sources.

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R & D Team
Quality Inspection Team

Our Milestones

Our Milestones


The new factory was officially completed and started to use.

Our brand – LTR was registered.



We have helped customers in Bolivia, Georgia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan to set up their rattan factories successfully.



Started taking OEM orders and export for outdoor furniture materials.



Our factory was established.

Our R&D department was established to develop PE rattan materials, plastic wood and plastic accessories.


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