About Ordering

Yes, you can. A trial order starts from 300kg/model for (Flat/Round/Half-Moon) collections and 500kg/model seagrass collection. You can also ask to mix and match 2 or 3 different types of models to fulfil the minimum order quantity.

We do provide free samples for our potential customers. Moreover, we are willing to help our customers to choose the most appropriate rattan type instead of sending various samples.

Our professional and sophisticated R&D team enables us to prototype your samples effectively and efficiently to achieve at least 95% similarity.

Our sales team have professional perceptions of understanding different markets. Different rattan has regional preferences in different markets based on cultural, social, weather conditions, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any sales queries.

It will take 20-25 natural days for the manufacturing process. We encourage our customers to allow plenty of time for their orders in case of unexpected occasions.

About Product

We are professional in synthetic rattan manufacturing, have strict quality control procedures and emphasize our market research and development. Therefore, we result in our products with excellence in their flexibility and durability. 

There are four collections for our PE rattan: flat, round, half-moon and sea grass collection. We can provide hundreds of combinations in colours and sizes depending on our customers’ orders.

In standard cases, two years guarantee for our synthetic rattan. We can also manufacture three- and five-year-running rattan for our customized rattan. Price will increase according to years of duration.

We do provide our potential customers with free samples in precise amounts. However, we encourage our customers to spend transportation fees for the free sample in order to reduce our operational costs. 

There are over 5,000 models in our manufacturing line. However, 316 models have received high recognition in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and African countries.

About Shipping

We are willing to assist the whole logistic process as we are confident in dealing with international logistics for more than 10-year experience. We can offer you FOB terms or CIF terms on shipping options. If you can provide your own import agent to settle the Customs issues will be even better.

Yes, we can arrange our trucking team or request another logistic company to deal with the transportation issue.

For regular models such as Flat/round/Half-Moon collections, we can load approximately 10 tons to fill up a 20GP container and 24 tons for a 40HQ container. The weight of the seagrass collection and other customized rattan with extra large sizes can differ.

About Usage and Applications

It depends on rattan sizes and shapes. Take flat rattan of 8*1.3mm. For example, 1kg is about 120 meters. Please inquire our sales staff to clarify any uncertain.

It depends on the style of rattan being used. For instance, a simple arm-less dining chair and 8*1.3mm rattan consume about 1.5kg PE rattan.

Yes, our PE rattan has outstanding performance on flexibility and durability. Our synthetic rattan can apply on a wide range, such as sofas and tables.

PE rattan is made of HDPE with outstanding weathering performance. In contrast, natural rattan cannot withstand outdoor challenges from weather, insects and the problem of being worn out.

About Training and Agent Recruitment

Yes. We do offer materials, machines and weaving training services to those who intend to set up their rattan furniture factories. 

Thank you for your high recognition of our company. We are constantly developing strategic partners. The exclusive agent will be entitled to various priorities, premiums and supports. You are most welcome to contact our sales executive for more details.

Yes, you need to fulfil the following policies to become our business agent;


1.Deposit 3000 USD to become our agent in the prescribed city. Also, you need to maintain an annual procurement amount of no less than 400,000 KG;

2. Deposit 7200 USD to become our agent in the prescribed country. Also, you need to maintain an annual purchase amount of no less than 2 million;

3. The validity period for becoming our business agent is a year. For business agents who retain outstanding sales performance for more than one year, a preferential rebate will be given to our business agent based on 1% of the total purchase amount. 


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