8 Common Misconceptions about Plastic Rattan Outdoor Furniture in Commercial Use


When you walk out of your home and want to take a break outdoors, you might notice that there is a significant shift that happens in your daily life. In the past, most of the roadside benches or tables were normally made of real wood materials, as their natural look matches the style of the outdoor environment and the surrounding greenery. However, nowadays, with people’s increasing awareness towards environmental protection, plastic rattan outdoor furniture plays a significant role in both residential and commercial settings due to its sustainability and durability.

Although plastic rattan furniture has numerous advantages, there are often misconceptions surrounding its quality and suitability for various environments. As a result, it is quite important to address these misconceptions so that businesses can make the most comprehensive and helpful decisions while purchasing furniture for their commercial areas. Plastic rattan outdoor furniture is not only sturdy and durable but also adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space. It has a strong ability to undergo various outdoor situations, which makes it a suitable and practical choice, especially for outdoor settings. In the following paragraphs, I will deeply talk about 8 misconceptions about plastic rattan furniture so that you will have a clearer understanding of it!

Stylish Rattan Furniture from sigarten
Stylish Rattan Furniture from sigarten

What Is Plastic Rattan?

Plastic rattan is also called PE rattan, synthetic rattan, and artificial rattan. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for most outdoor furniture suppliers. It is different from natural rattan since it is entirely made of plastics. However, it has an appearance that is similar to real rattan as it highly imitates the natural grains and texture of natural rattan material, making it a popular choice for most rattan furniture lovers. What is more, synthetic rattan can normally be divided into these three types, which are PE, PVC, and PU rattan. Among these three types, PE rattan is the one that has the best quality since

PE rattan is primarily made of plastics, mostly HDPE (High-density polyethylene), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), and some additives such as pigments, antioxidants, anti-UV agents and light stabilizers to guarantee that the plastic rattan will have a high quality. As a result, it has lots of advantages that make it suitable for outdoor settings; it is sturdy, durable, anti-fading and has a strong ability to withstand various outdoor situations. As a sustainable material that is good for the environment, it is non-toxic and can be fully recycled.

what is pe rattan
How Does PE Rattan Look?

Misconception 1: Plastic Rattan Furniture is Low-Quality

Normally, when people hear about plastic rattan, they might have the misconception that it is a type of low-quality material since it is made of plastic. However, plastic rattan not only has a premier aesthetic appearance but also demonstrates good quality when it is used in outdoor furniture manufacturing. As an experienced plastic rattan supplier in China, we are always dedicated to producing exquisite PE rattan materials to fulfil the requirements of our valued customers, making sure that the plastic rattan material is high quality. You can customise the plastic rattan in various shapes, sizes and patterns that you want.

According to what I mentioned above, some additives, such as pigments, antioxidants, anti-UV agents and light stabilizers, are added during the production process of plastic rattan, making sure that PE rattan has excellent durability, weather resistance, water resistance and sturdiness. It has excellent quality and can withstand the changing weather conditions outdoors. It can be stable and strong in heavy rain and wind, and will not easily break, rot or fade because of the long-term sunshine exposure or high humidity.  No matter whether plastic rattan outdoor furniture is used in coastal regions or commercial places such as resorts, outdoor cafes, restaurants, poolside settings or outdoor lounging areas in companies, it can retain its quality with minimum maintenance over time.

pe rattan with high quality and natural look
PE Rattan with High Quality and Natural Look

Misconception 2: Plastic Rattan Outdoor Furniture Fades Quickly Because of Direct Sunlight

If you are thinking about buying rattan furniture for your commercial settings, are you worried about whether the plastic rattan will fade quickly under strong sunlight exposure? However, you do not have to worry about this problem. Unlike natural rattan material, the colour will fade quickly under the sun within several months, plastic rattan material has different functionality. Although synthetic rattan is totally made of plastics, the special additives “anti-UV agents” can make the material resistant to the strong UV-ray in an outdoor area, helping it retain its original colour and look for a long time.

What is more, besides the materials used in the manufacturing process, the frame materials and the weaving techniques are also important in determining the quality of PE rattan furniture. For example, the sturdy aluminium frame and LTR’s exquisite rattan weaving skills can also contribute to the high quality of plastic rattan furniture, making it more resistant to the problem of colour-fading.

Rattan Furniture exposed under sunlight
Rattan Furniture Exposed Under Strong Sunlight

Misconception 3: Plastic Rattan Furniture Looks Cheap

Another misconception about plastic rattan is that furniture that is made of plastic rattan looks cheap since it is just plastic. However, this idea is totally wrong! Plastic rattan furniture not only has better practicability than natural rattan but also showcases an aesthetic appearance that is similar to real rattan. In general, plastic rattan is a kind of synthetic material that highly imitates the natural grains and textures of real rattan. In LTR’s factory, the plastic rattan needs to go through several professional manufacturing processes in order to ensure that the finished material will have an excellent and classy appearance like real rattan. Except for the natural grains and textures, various colours and shapes can also be customised based on your unique requirements. By using our superior PE rattan material, you will have your own upscale and sophisticated plastic rattan furniture.

Misconception 4: Plastic Rattan Furniture is Not Environmentally Friendly

As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, producing products that are eco-friendly and sustainable is essential. However, when people think of plastic rattan, most of them might think that it is a kind of material that will pollute the natural environment since it is made of plastic. This idea is 100% a misconception, as the full name of PE rattan stands for “Polyethylene Rattan“, which is primarily made of recyclable plastic called polyethene. This kind of plastic can be heated, melted, and reformed into new products without undergoing significant chemical changes. If the plastic rattan furniture is at the end of its lifespan, it can be collected, sorted, and processed by professional recycling facilities or melted and reformed into new products, which can effectively protect our natural resources and minimize the environmental impact compared with the natural rattan material.

eco friendly synthetic rattan
Eco-friendly Synthetic Rattan from LTR

Misconception 5: Plastic Rattan Furniture Requires High Maintenance

When people talk about plastic rattan furniture, there is another misconception that it is hard to clean and maintain because of its plastic attributes and special weaving design. However, plastic rattan is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture making since it does not need too much additional care from people. According to what I mentioned in the above paragraphs, synthetic rattan has lots of benefits regarding placing it outdoors, as it has a strong capacity to resist harsh weather conditions such as strong UV- rays, insects, moisture, heavy rain, and wind. That is to say, even the plastic rattan furniture will be placed outdoors for a long time; it is strong enough and will not break or rot easily. You do not have to pay too much attention to regularly maintain the furniture. However, if you can properly clean it sometimes, you will get the plastic rattan furniture in the best condition.

Here are some tips to properly clean your plastic rattan furniture:

1. Prepare a gentle solution by mixing warm water with a mild detergent. Use a non-foaming cleaner to clean it since foaming products will leave residue in the gaps.

2. Use a soft sponge to gently wipe down the dirt and dust accumulated over time on the surface of the rattan furniture.

3. For more stains that are hard to remove, use a soft brush to clean them again.

4. When you scrub the affected areas, please remember not to do it too hard since it will damage the aesthetic rattan material.

When You Clean It Too Hard
When You Clean It Too Hard

5. The last step is to rinse the furniture thoroughly with clean water so that you can remove any residual soap or detergent. After that, you can gently dry it with a soft rag or let it dry in natural weathering.

Misconception 6: Plastic Rattan Outdoor Furniture is Uncomfortable

The misconception that plastic rattan furniture is uncomfortable is also common in our real life since people think it does not seem to be something suitable for sitting. However, nowadays in the outdoor furniture industry, people have already improved the comfort levels of plastic rattan outdoor furniture with advanced and novel designs, making it the best furnishing and decoration in your lounge areas.

Firstly, ergonomic designs have already been applied to plastic rattan outdoor furniture while manufacturing, which will prioritize users’ comfort without affecting the aesthetic style or excellent durability of the furniture. With the ergonomic design, people can relax themselves and enjoy wonderful outdoor leisure with comfortable sitting. Additionally, plastic rattan outdoor furniture now often comes equipped with supportive cushions that enhance the overall comfort level, offering people an extra sense of relaxation and decoration.

plastic rattan furniture with ergonomic design
Plastic Rattan Furniture with Ergonomic Design

Furthermore, plastic rattan is a kind of breathable material which allows people to sit on it without the feeling of discomfort caused by trapped heat or moisture. Last but not least, plastic rattan furniture is normally built with sturdy metal frames such as aluminium, making the outdoor furniture stable and strong enough to hold the weight. No matter you are going to buy plastic rattan sofas or plastic rattan sun loungers in hotel poolside areas or outdoor restaurants, they must be one of the suitable choices since the advancements that I mentioned have transformed plastic rattan furniture into a stylish and inviting option for relaxation and leisure.

Misconception 7: Plastic Rattan Furniture is Expensive

After reading the above paragraphs, some people might have an assumption that plastic rattan furniture should have a high price since it has such a good quality with excellent practicality, durability and attractive appeal. In fact, outdoor furniture that is made of PE rattan is not costly compared to other outdoor furniture alternatives such as natural rattan, natural wood, or metal furniture. Synthetic rattan furniture is more cost-effective as it will be a long-term investment in your outdoor spaces.

For instance, a high-quality plastic rattan dining set may initially cost around $500, while a comparable natural rattan set could be priced at $800 or more. Similarly, natural wood or metal furniture of similar quality might range from $600 to $1000 or higher. Although plastic rattan may seem more expensive upfront, its durability and low maintenance requirements result in significant long-term cost savings. Unlike natural rattan, which might break or rot over time and require regular upkeep, plastic rattan furniture remains its original beauty and quality for years of moisture, sunlight, temperature, insects and snow. Choosing the right outdoor furniture with high-quality plastic rattan will save the costs of your business.

Misconception 8: Plastic Rattan Furniture is Limited in Design Options

At this very last moment, I am going to introduce several design options that plastic rattan furniture has since some people hold a stereotype that PE rattan furniture is only available in a few traditional designs and does not match modern commercial areas. However, with the rapid development of the outdoor furniture industry, various innovative designs and novel styles of plastic rattan furniture are created to satisfy people’s needs.

Weatherproof Sun Loungers from sigarten
Weatherproof Sun Loungers from sigarten

Plastic rattan material is not restricted to the manufacturing of outdoor sofas, chairs and tables. It can also be used to produce sun loungers in hotel poolside areas, stylish fire pits in outdoor restaurants, or classy private screens in an open space. Furthermore, excluding its original natural appearance, plastic rattan material also comes in different colours, shapes and styles, which can easily fit in various indoor or outdoor settings with changing styles. As a mature and sophisticated plastic rattan supplier, LTR not only can satisfy your unique customisation options but also offers various novel collections such as flat rattan, round rattan, half-moon rattan, seagrass rattan, twisted rattan, rope-like rattan and so on.

Let’s Fill Your Commercial Areas with Plastic Rattan Furniture

Although PE rattan is a relatively new material compared with other alternatives in the outdoor furniture industry, many people still have some misconceptions about it. In this blog, we deeply talked about 8 types of common concerns that people might think about while selecting plastic rattan furniture for their commercial areas. After reading this article, you will have a deeper and clearer understanding of PE rattan, so that you can gain some help while making your own decisions. As a synthetic material that showcases exceptional durability, exquisite styles, natural appearance and a strong ability to withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors, it is a material that is suitable and cost-effective for outdoor settings in commercial areas.

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