Plastic Accessory

LTR offers a wide range of plastic accessories to complete nearly any outdoor furniture made from our plastic rattan or plastic wood boards.

One-Stop-Shop Plastic Accessories For Outdoor Furniture

A rich selection of plastic accessories is available to help you accomplish your production requirements while saving time, money, and effort. Each accessory is made from durable materials resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

No Hard Metal

Long-term Durability

Excellent Compatibility

Multiple Sizes

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    Enriching Outdoor Furniture With Premium Plastic Accessories

    Made From

    Durable recycled plastic that is corrosion and termite resistant.


    Made For

    Premium outdoor furniture that has a long service life.


    Made To

    Provide sustainable furniture material for a low carbon footprint.


    Business-Oriented Features of Our Custom Plastic Accessories

    We Turn Your Concepts to Life

    LTR can supply bespoke plastic accessories to help accomplish outdoor furniture manufacturing requirements. Custom plastic accessories can have varying sizes, colours, patterns, shapes, and textures to meet your needs.

    We also have designers who can provide feasible suggestions on which bespoke options are suitable for realising your accessory concept.

    Engineer is drawing 3D visualization for plastic accessory
    Complete And Ship Your Order On Time

    We Share Your Interests Deeply

    To ensure a smooth transaction with LTR, we offer extensive consultation on the logistics of your plastic accessory disorder, such as clearing a market’s customs requirement.

    LTR also offers free samples for a first-hand preview of your custom plastic accessories before mass production.


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