Plastic wood sample 2

What Is Plastic Wood Board?

Introduction Plastic wood is a composite material that imitates the appearance and functionality of real wood while providing superior durability …

Automated production facilities

How to Find Reliable Synthetic Rattan Suppliers in China

Introduction China is a world-leading manufacturer and exporter of synthetic rattan materials. Chinese factories often have access to advanced technology …

Furniture That is Made of LTRs Plastic Rattan

How Long Does Synthetic Rattan Furniture Last Outdoors?

Introduction As more and more people look for outdoor furniture options, the popularity of synthetic rattan has grown exponentially. It …

PE rattan production flow

10 Benefits of PE Rattan & Wood Bulk Orders for Contract Designers & Furniture Brands

Introduction As an industry expert for PE rattan material and plastic wood lumber for 3 decades, our company, Leisure Touch …

luxury furniture by wicker delite min

8 Best Plastic Wicker Furniture Suppliers in India

Introduction India currently holds the 5th rank in the world economy, with a nominal GDP of 3.8 trillion dollars and …

Rattan on production

Everything You Need to Know about Artificial Rattan

Introduction If you are already in the production of artificial rattan furniture, you know what this material is and how …


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