2024, the year in which the Leisure Touch Rattan team will travel to participate in the Building and Decoration Expo (Mexico), and at the same time visit and get to know our clients more closely.

After several years interacting with our distinguished clientele through electronic media, we want to take a step forward and be able to maintain conversations and get to know the work environment of our partners closely and further strengthen our cooperative relationship and reach a win-win situation, now that our priority is the satisfaction of our partners. In this article you will be able to obtain advance information about the different activities that we want to carry out before, during and after our participation in the fair and the way in which people, manufacturers and distributors can contact us to obtain more information about the structure of the fair. company, the factory, the variety of products and services we offer.

This is how we prepare to participate in the Fair

Preparing for participation in Building and Decoration Expo (Mexico) involves a number of activities that go beyond simply selecting the materials we wish to present. Leisure Touch Rattan focuses on every detail, from the design of the booth, the design of the notification letter to our distinguished clientele, the apparel as well as the wide variety of materials for the manufacture of outdoor furniture that we will be presenting.

Since the beginning of January, each department of the company has been working and innovating to offer the best experience to our clients and participants of the Construction and Decoration Expo. Without a doubt, this is a beneficial event for both the company and those entrepreneurs who have always wanted to work with the products we manufacture but due to several factors ranging from lack of experience in importing raw materials from china, insecurity etc., in the end they have never decided at the time of placing an order, on this occasion they will be able to come to the event to interact directly with the company’s staff.

LTR Building and Decoration Expo Mexico
LTR Building and Decoration Expo Mexico

Over time, Mexico has become one of our main markets, which is why we want to take advantage of this opportunity to show customers the quality of synthetic rattan, plastic wood, synthetic straw, nautical rope, rattan mesh products. and the accessories and services that we offer in order to increase both our presence in the market as well as the trust that the client may have towards the company.

Expo Santa Fe: 17-19 September, Booth No. N111, Hall B

Between the 17th and the 19th of September of this year you can find several members of the Leisure Touch Rattan company at Booth N111 located in Pavilion B at Expo Santa Fe in Mexico City. We have put so much effort into this project that before the middle of the year we have everything ready to be part of such an important event.

At Building and Decoration Expo (Mexico), you will meet Judy Wey (CEO), who has extensive knowledge of contract markets, characterised by her outstanding leadership in R&D, Marketing and Sales teams.

Judi Wey CEO
Judi Wey CEO

At the same time you will also meet Gloria Cheng, a sales manager with a long experience and knowledge in international trade operations.

Gloria Cheng(Gerente de ventas)
Gloria Cheng

The design, colours and lighting of the cabin are the work of our experienced team of designers. The cabin is equipped with the four main collections of synthetic rattan that we manufacture, plastic wood, synthetic thatch, different models and colours of rattan netting as well as various home accessories that we manufacture.

Design of Booth No. N111
Design of Booth No. N111

Every Detail Must Be Taken into Account

There are many people who come to this type of event where both local and foreign manufacturers meet, which is why we have prepared a select number of products that we believe fit both the market demand as well as international trends in the manufacture of furniture for outdoor use, leisure touch rattan has all the quality certificates for each product and our team of experts with the ability to communicate perfectly in Spanish and English is qualified to offer all the detailed information from the manufacture of the materials, the method of purchase, the import and export operations as well as the after-sales service we offer. We understand that the needs of our customers vary according to the project of each entrepreneur, which is why our aim is to offer solutions rather than focusing on just selling synthetic rattan or plastic wood.

In this event that will take place at the Expo Santa Fe in Mexico City you can find us between 17-19 September in Hall B, booth number N111 where our team will be ready to offer you the best solutions that will improve your projects. Don’t stay at home just because you don’t speak Chinese, we have Spanish-speaking staff with extensive knowledge in international trade ready to help you get the products that will make your business grow.

Our history and the reason why we are the best option

Our trajectory is marked with 30 Years of Excellence in the manufacture of Materials for the manufacture of Outdoor Furniture.

Leisure Touch Rattan (Baihuiming) has a manufacturing space of 56000㎡, 165 machines and a monthly output of 3500 tons. We are specialized in manufacturing synthetic rattan, plastic wood slats and plastic accessories.

With an in-house design and engineering team, we generate new developments on a regular basis. With 5000 moulds, we have a wide range of PE rattan and wood plastic slats available for customer selection at all times.

With the use of the latest extrusion technology, our company has a highly skilled workforce. We consider staff training of strategic importance. All kinds of training courses, especially technical courses, are held on a regular basis.

By implementing intensive quality control, Leisure Touch Rattan (Baihuiming) complies with ISO9001:2000 system standard. We apply AQL (acceptable quality level) at all stages, ranging from IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (in-process quality control), FQC (final quality control) and OQC (outgoing quality control). Each quality control is properly archived for easy reference and traceability.

  • Our Mission

We are a contributor to the outdoor furniture industry with new materials, creative proposals and professional assertions.

  • Marketing Philosophy

Innovative, sophisticated and considerate.

  • Social Responsibility

Win-win situations with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • HR Philosophy

Growth-oriented and humane.

  • Vision

Act as the most trustworthy rattan brand.


  • Does the company have offices in Mexico?

Currently no, so far the method of delivery of goods that we use are exports through incoterms FOB, CIF, EXW and sometimes DDP.

  • Where is the company’s factory located?

The factory is located at the following address: No. 80-9, Dongxing Road, Heshan Industrial City, Heshan City, Guangdong Province,China.

  • What models and colours of synthetic rattan do you offer?

We mainly manufacture four models of synthetic rattan: Flat, Round, Half moon and Seaweed, all models are available in different sizes and colours, single and mixed.

  • What do I have to do to meet you when you arrive in Mexico?

You can contact our sales agents via email, whatsapp or by leaving a message on our website and schedule an appointment.

  • Do the materials you manufacture have the respective quality certificates?

Of course, we have all the quality control certificates in accordance with international standards.

  • Is the plastic wood you manufacture only used to make furniture?

No, plastic wood, although mainly known for its application in furniture, can also be used to build fences, gates and other accessories.

  • Which models and in which sizes do you offer rattan rolls?

We offer rattan rolls mainly in synthetic material and natural material, the material is available in different sizes and colours to suit the needs of our customers.


Leisure Touch Rattan has positioned itself as the best choice for outdoor furniture materials due to its professionalism and innovation. Judy Wei, founder of Leisure Touch Rattan, founded the brand when she foresaw the need to embrace nature when creating outdoor lifestyles. People have become increasingly aware of the importance of being connected to nature and protecting it for future generations. Leisure Touch Rattan aims to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by manufacturing 100% recyclable rattan and wood plastic materials in a low-pollution production cycle. We care not only about people’s comfort and health when using outdoor furniture but also about the working conditions of our craftsmen. Therefore, we are cautious with material formulations and ensure that our craftsmen have a healthy working environment. In short, we truly believe that we create comfortable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture materials to protect the health of future generations.

We hope to meet as many partners as possible and meet wonderful people from other countries during our participation in Expo Construccion y Decoracion at Expo Santa Fe (Mexico).

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