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Versatile Flat Plastic Rattan

Flat plastic rattan materials from Leisure Touch Rattan are designed to withstand changing weather conditions and are great for outdoor furniture.

LTR offers a comprehensive range of services to help your furniture factory to improve, including product customisation and logistics assistance during the process of set-up project.


  • Green
  • Natural
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red

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    Flat Plastic Rattan Made to Your Specifications

    Source flat plastic rattan that is tailor-made to meet your project demands from LTR. Just tell us the size, colour, shape, and pattern – and we’ll take care of the rest.

    What Makes Our Flat Plastic Rattan Better

    Eco-friendly Production

    Using Source-traced plastics lets you market to a broader audience.

    Strict Adherence to Quality

    Meticulous quality inspections guarantees durability and flexibility.

    Cutting-Edge Formulation

    Our unique formulation of materials results in distintive flat plastic rattan.

    Streamlined Manufacturing

    95% of automation allows for consistent and timely manufacturing.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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