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LTR polished wood boards are made from sustainable plastic materials resistant to the elements. Outdoor furniture made with our polished wood boards has a superior service life and an attractive surface. 

From their durability to their natural beauty, our polished wood board can provide your customers with the perfect surface for dining, entertaining, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

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    Full Polished Wood Board Bespoke Services

    We offer customised polished wood boards with different finishes, colours, sizes, thicknesses, and shapes to help build specific types of your outdoor furniture.

    What Makes Our Polished Wood Board Better

    Safe and Non-Toxic Materials

    Our polished wood is made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for both environment and human beings.

    Strict Quality Inspection

    Thorough tests are conducted regularly within our factory to ensure our compliance with SGS and REACH.

    Unique Polished Wood Formula

    Our polished wood is resistant to moisture, oxidation, and stains, resulting in greater durability.

    Fast Lead Time

    LTR can complete bulk orders of polished wood boards on time thanks to our cutting-edge production line.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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