Plastic Rattan

Having a 45% domestic market share in China, our rattan materials are made from the best PE materials in the market, boasting higher durability and flexibility than natural rattan.

Durable Plastic Rattan for All Outdoor Needs

Opting for eco-friendly plastic rattan for your outdoor furniture offerings guarantees better weather resistance and lasting service life without compromising aesthetic appeal.

ROHS Certified

Pulling force of 70N+

2-5 Years of Antioxidation

2000 Hours of UV Resistance

Product Lineup

Flat Collection

With a smooth, flat surface on both sides, our flat plastic rattan material is easy to form and weave into stunning furniture.

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Round Collection

Great for seat covers, chairs, and baskets, round plastic rattan material adds a distinct contour for a layer of texture.

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Half Moon Collection

Get the best features of flat and round variants of outdoor furnitures with plastic rattan material that has a half-moon shape.

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Seagrass Collection

Mimicking the unique appeal of seagrass, our seagrass collection gives the natural appeal with extra durability.

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Rope Collection

Imitates the look of a real rope, which is natural, sturdy and durable to redifine your outdoor furniture.

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Twisted Collection

With the additional twisting manufacturing process, LTR's twisted collection exhibits a natural and soft texture.

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Webbing Roll Collection
BASF chemicals

Introduction of Tested & Tried Ingredients


Boasting higher abrasion and tear resistance, HDPE gives our plastic rattan materials the durability our products are known for.


We use high-grade LDPE in our formulation to give our plastic rattan materials a flexible and stretchy nature.


Another key ingredient in our plastic rattan materials is our antioxidants are sourced internationally for better performance against ageing.

Delicate Material from Competent Factory

The Refinement of Rattan Production

Our production strength lies in our state-of-the-art equipment, adherence to ISO standards, and our ability to innovate and customise the shape, colour, and material of rattan materials.

With our advanced sawing, water polishing, CNC, extrusion machine and injection molding techology, we can produce high-quality and unique rattan products to meet the specific needs and preferences of your brand.

We are committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and quality in every rattan we create.

Rattan extrusion
Rattan surface treatment
Machine rolling vine
Rattan yarn

Defining a New Age of Outdoor Furniture

Made From

Proved by GRS, our plastic rattan rolls are environmentally friendly.


Made For

Give your customers a cosier outdoor experience with better furniture using our materials.


Made To

Superior durability and weather resistance let the materials last longer in any environment.



More than Your Traditional Material Supplier

We Turn Your Concepts to Life

Design the plastic rattan material based on your specific project needs, so you can focus on designing your furniture.

Robust customisation options include sizes, colours, patterns, shapes, and textures, helping you source the right materials in one go.
PE rattan Showroom
LTR rattan exhibition Mexico

We Share Your Interests Deeply

In addition to material production, we offer an assortment of factory set-up, logistics and sample assistance for seamless product sourcing from China.

Don’t worry about custom clearances and budget constraints — we got all of these covered for a better sourcing experience.

Recommended Plastic Accessories

Transform your outdoor space with plastic furniture accessories. Elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living space with our collection of plastic furniture accessories. From decorative accents to functional add-ons, our accessories are designed to enhance your outdoor furniture’s style, comfort, and durability.


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