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Clean Surfaces on Brushed Wood Collection

Easy to maintain and clean, our brushed wood offers long-lasting beauty and can be customised to different textures and strengths.

The textured finish of our brushed wood prevents any damages from being detectable and can cushion much weight over long-term usage.

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    Innovative Brushed Wood Customisations for Any Setting

    Along with market analysis, our experts’ experience lends ourself in finding the right custom options for size, texture, and colour to make every brushed wood selection adjustable to your furniture manufacturing needs.

    What Makes Our Brushed Wood Board Better

    Reliable Material Sources

    Through our strict materials auditing process, we only working with suppliers who provide eco-friendly plastic wood materials.

    Constant Testing

    Our brushed wood boards adheres to international standards and ensure to be ready for outdoor needs.

    Advanced Protection

    Our brushing techniques emphasizes the grainy structure to give our plastic wooden boards a vintage look.

    Speedy Automation

    90% of automated production enables us to mass-produce brushed wood boards to meet your deadlines while reducing labor costs.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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