All the seasons of the year and of life itself are beautiful, especially those moments that have marked our lives so much, these moments full of memories with friends, family and pets, especially the summer.

Summer, the time when children are on holiday, people take time off from their jobs and most of the day goes out, is undoubtedly the time of year when people spend most of their leisure time at outdoor attractions and gatherings. Since we know that selecting outdoor furniture has never been an easy task as there are many factors to take into account, we have prepared this article which is aimed at showing manufacturers, designers and consumers the summer outdoor furniture trends and the factors that motivate the selection of each furniture model, mainly furniture made of synthetic rattan, plastic wood, aluminium and nautical rope.


Alluding to one of the lyrics of the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny “If there’s sun there’s beach, if there’s beach there’s fun”, whether you’re in Cancun, Ibiza or Miami, in the summer the body always asks for a trip to the beach with your loved ones. This is a period when manufacturers, designers and owners of hotels, resorts etc. prefer to go more for furniture made of synthetic rattan and plastic wood. The mechanical factors of these materials make them resistant to high temperatures, splashes of water and sand from the sea and on the other hand require little maintenance so that the furniture can be cleaned and dried in a short time, highlighting both the furniture set of tables and chairs as well as folding chairs.

  • Folding Plastic Wood Chairs

The folding chair is undoubtedly one of the most used outdoor furniture in the summer and more if it is a chair made of plastic wood, the ease of transporting the product along with the resistance factor have become the main reasons why people always opt for these chairs.

Plastic wood chairs folding by Elvirkin
Plastic wood chairs folding by Elvirkin

These plastic wooden chairs can be easily folded and placed in the car so you can perfectly take this piece of furniture to the beach and sunbathe while enjoying the views, the sea breeze, and at the same time immortalize the moment with some beautiful family photos.

  • Garden Furniture Set

On the other hand we have the table and chair set which is often available in different colours and sizes, they are used to enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy and that moment when you sit down to tell stories with your friends under a tree or a pergola.

The use of synthetic rattan furniture in these spaces has become a worldwide trend because on the one hand it perfectly imitates the physical appearance of natural rattan and on the other hand it fulfils all the shortcomings of natural rattan furniture such as tolerance to sun, water and humidity. 

Feel the Sensation of Being in the Seychelles from the Garden of your Home.

For many people thinking of the seychelles is to think of tranquillity, fun and a comfort zone, thanks to the constant innovations of many designers and manufacturers you no longer have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy the great outdoors. Today you can enjoy all these pleasures from the comfort of your own backyard with stylish outdoor furniture that brings comfort to you and your loved ones.

  • Synthetic Rattan Hanging Armchair

This is a highly versatile material that offers furniture of all types, from single chairs to table sets. The charm of this furniture lies not only in its tolerance to the sun’s rays and contact with water, but also in its ability to prolong the warmth of the home in outdoor environments, combining elegance, comfort and design.

  • Synthetic rattan garden furniture

The selection of synthetic rattan garden furniture is undoubtedly a very difficult task mainly because of the versatility of this material that offers hundreds of finishes from the already known sets of table sets, columbium rocking chairs to the famous synthetic rattan furniture with fireplace, in short this is a material that offers you a great variety of furniture capable of satisfying your needs. Here are some of the models that have been successful in sales in many countries:

Synthetic Rattan Hanging Armchair, this is a model that has become popular in many European countries. This model of furniture provides a great sense of comfort and tranquility as many people choose to place the furniture under a tree in their garden and thus enjoy the breeze and the light breeze while listening to the music they are passionate about or choose to read a book.

Synthetic Rattan Hanging Armchair
Synthetic Rattan Hanging Armchair

Family set model, this is one of the best known, if not the most requested model. It is a set of chairs and tables that can take different shapes providing comfort and elegance, today this model can be found in any furniture shop mainly because it conveys a sense of family atmosphere on the terrace of the home.

Family set model
Family set model

This is a model of furniture that is in great demand regardless of the season of the year. The circular shape of the furniture, together with the comfort provided by the flames, encourages relaxation and enjoyment in the company of friends. This simple, modern, attractive, practical and durable model is sold in large quantities every year in Europe and North America.

Set model with gas table
Set model with gas table
  • Bohemian Style and Ambience

Few decorative styles are as cheerful, lively and fun as bohemian. Vibrant colours, fusion of cultures and eras, decorative freedom, a mixture of styles, a mix in which the hippy, the ethnic and the oriental coexist naturally, creating unique and very personal atmospheres. One of the keys to the bohemian style is that there are no rules. (Almost) anything goes as long as you like it and feel at ease. This decorative style thrives on vibrant and very intense colours, printed textiles and combining different types of furniture. So that the result of all this mix does not turn out to be too strident or chaotic, it is basic to go for a neutral base on the walls and let the rest of the decoration be in charge of giving colour and life to the room.

Lovers of a more relaxed, bohemian vibe will find that boho-chic continues to be a popular trend in 2024. It incorporates wicker furniture, macramé and ethnic textiles in earth tones and natural prints to create a cosy atmosphere full of charm. Kave Home knows this and applies it in its proposal for this 2024,this fabulous combination of woven furniture based on seagrass rattan and plastic wood tables.

Kate Home
Kate Home

Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces.

If you have a small terrace in your home or simply a balcony with some space, don’t worry, you can also enjoy the outdoors by making the most of every corner, while complying with the trends in terrace furniture 2024. The secret of furnishing and decorating a small terrace is not to overload it, to avoid visually transmitting a feeling of being crowded, which is just the opposite of what we want to achieve.

Don’t let size limit or disappoint you. A small terrace, properly decorated, can have a lot of charm, and it will be the star space in your home. To furnish it you will need to choose functional pieces that can be used for several things. For example, boots can be used as a side table by placing a small tablecloth on top, or as seats by placing cushions on top; and at the same time they are an ideal storage space. You can also opt for folding chairs and tables like this set.

Set of furniture for small spaces
Set of furniture for small spaces

For this reason, a minimalist style is the most recommendable in this case, which is also the order of the day in terrace furniture trends 2024. Opt for simplicity, few textures, straight, simple lines and neutral colours. If you want to add some plants and a touch of colour, you can do so in a decorative element.

  • Tics for the perfect terrace or garden
  • Durable tables and chairs: A sturdy table and comfortable chairs are a must for any terrace. Opt for aluminium or stainless steel table and chair sets with tempered glass tops for a modern look and easy cleaning.
  • Relaxing sofas and hammocks: To create cosy lounging areas, consider incorporating modular sofas or synthetic wicker hammocks. Add fluffy cushions and soft blankets for extra comfort.
  • Barbecues and cooking areas: Barbecues are the heart of any outdoor gathering. Opt for stainless steel models with high-powered burners and integrated storage space for utensils and condiments.
  • Mood lighting: don’t forget lighting to create atmosphere when night falls. Add integrated LED floor lights, hanging lanterns or decorative candles for a touch of warmth.
  • Decorative embellishments: personalise your outdoor space with decorative details such as synthetic rattan, plastic wood or ceramic pots, patterned cushions, outdoor rugs and garden sculptures. These little touches add character and style to your terrace.
  • Opt for furniture made from eco-friendly materials.

With a growing focus on sustainability, outdoor furniture made from eco-friendly materials is on the rise. Look for options such as plastic lumber or recycled furniture made from recycled plastic to reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying the great outdoors. Synthetic fibre is the perfect material for your outdoor furniture. They bring freshness, and are very light. Go for them this summer and transport yourself to the Mediterranean in the blink of an eye.

An ecological piece of furniture is designed under an ethical and sustainable conception. Designers, craftsmen or manufacturers aim to develop durable solutions that focus on respect for the environment, environmentally friendly production and responsible consumption patterns.

For a piece of furniture to be completely ecological, it is necessary to study the production process of the materials, the origin, manufacture, production, transport and the real impact of each product during its life cycle. Today, designers have effective tools at their disposal to reduce the environmental impact, through software programmes that handle simple checklists, impact matrices, life cycle matrices, etc.

Another type of ecological furniture producers are craftsmen. These authors manage to create unique and beautiful pieces of furniture that are part of the collective imagination. The handcrafted manufacturing systems of popular furniture make it possible to create timeless pieces and balanced compositions capable of providing wellbeing.

A combination of design and craftsmanship is fair trade furniture, in which the development of people and respect for the environment are paramount. The aim is to promote international solidarity by purchasing products from impoverished countries at fair prices that favour the popular economy in these countries.


  • What is the best option for outdoor furniture, natural or synthetic rattan?

Undoubtedly when it comes to outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan is the best choice, this is mainly due to the properties that characterize this material, which include: impermeability, resistance to solar rays, flexibility and versatility.

  • What happens if I spill a liquid on my synthetic rattan or plastic wood furniture?

Both synthetic rattan and plastic wood are materials that are composed of polyethylene and recycled plastics, so if a liquid product is spilled on the material, the furniture can be easily cleaned and dried.

  • Is this furniture only suitable for the summer season?

No, these furniture can be used in any season of the year.

  • What is the price of furniture made from recycled materials?

Prices tend to vary according to the quality, design and warranty offered by each manufacturer but for example synthetic rattan furniture is cheaper compared to furniture made from other materials such as natural rattan.


When it comes to outdoor furniture, resistance to the elements is critical. Materials must be able to withstand constant exposure to sun, rain, wind and temperature changes. In this regard, plastic wood, synthetic rattan and stainless steel are popular choices due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. These materials ensure that your furniture will retain its beauty and functionality for years to come. With the arrival of the summer heat, terraces and gardens become extensions of our homes, ideal places to spend long evenings under the sun or the stars. To make the most of them, it is necessary to take into account various aspects of the furniture we want to use. And for that, there is nothing better than knowing what the trends for 2024 are, highlighting the materials, designs and essential elements to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

We hope we have helped you to choose your terrace furniture with this post about the trends in terrace furniture 2024, whether you want to renew it or if you want to furnish it from scratch. Don’t delay, because in no time the high temperatures and the season to enjoy the good weather outdoors start.

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