Traditionally, the import process is known as an exchange of services and goods between importers and exporters, however, this is a process that encompasses a series of procedures that involve not only the importers and exporters but other agents such as import agents, purchasing agents, tax agents, etc., more than one has tried to import goods but due to lack of experience and information in the end they were unable to complete the process and were left with a bad experience and that is because there are several determining factors that we must know before investing our capital in the import of raw materials. With the rise in the use of synthetic rattan for the manufacture of furniture and accessories, many distributors, manufacturers, and individual users import tons of this material monthly, however, there are a certain number of people who wish to import this material but so far have not been successful. Through this article you will learn the basic knowledge necessary to import synthetic rattan, you will know the importance of an import agent, purchases as well as different ways to reduce your expenses during the import process.


Since the basis of international trade is the exchange of goods and services between people and entities from different countries, it is difficult for many businessmen to constantly travel to acquire the goods and services they need for the perfect functioning of their company, which is why This activity is usually delegated to a purchasing agent in the country where the goods or services are to be imported.


The phrase purchasing agent mainly refers to companies or individuals who, within the law, are authorized to carry out research, market study, purchase, and import of goods and services in exchange for financial compensation for the services provided. Purchasing agents tend to have a presence or in this case offices in both the seller’s country and the buyer’s country, in this way, they facilitate contact and transparency in the management assigned to them.

If your intention is to buy synthetic rattan in China for the first time or you want to start working with a new supplier but lack information about this supplier, a purchasing agent can help you to the extent that you will end up having a pleasant experience. The purchasing agent will be in charge of contacting the supplier and negotiating the best price for you, he will monitor the production and quality of the material to ensure that the material will be delivered in the agreed time, after production the agent will be in charge of find the best shipping company that guarantees that the merchandise will arrive in perfect condition, in turn it will offer you the most economical freight and will be in charge of preparing all the necessary documentation and certificates so that the merchandise can be dispatched at the destination port without no problem.


People often tend to confuse the role of an import agent and a purchasing agent. Import agents, also known as customs agents, are professionals who are responsible for facilitating and expediting the processes of importing and exporting goods between territories with commercial relationships regulated by customs, regulations and restrictions.

Villuendas Internacional
Villuendas Internacional

In a constantly changing tariff context, it is essential that you are aware of the regulations of each region or country. A customs representative has many tasks in his daily activity and many vicissitudes, the customs clearance agent will be responsible for carrying out the following activities so that his merchandise can be cleared from the port:

  • Customs Representation: The agent will act on behalf of your interests and will be present during inspections to guarantee the legality of the goods.
  • Customs Declarations: You will make the relevant declarations at customs.
  • Advice: he will provide advice on customs and foreign trade legislation, ensuring compliance.
  • Merchandise Management: Manage merchandise before customs and guarantee payment of the corresponding duties and taxes.
  • Request for Services: Request specific services required by customs depending on the type of merchandise, such as health controls for certain goods.


Knowing the quantity of synthetic rattan that can be placed in a container is a significant factor that must be take into account since misuse of container space management can cause an extra cost in importing the material.

In order to learn how to manage container space we must first understand how most manufacturers package material.

Synthetic rattan packing
Synthetic rattan packing

This is the most common way used by manufacturers and leisure touch rattan company to pack synthetic rattan after manufacture, the main reason it is packed this way is to use as much space as possible, however,there is a problem and that is that as it is not a carton the packing measurements are not exact and tend to vary which makes it difficult to calculate the total amount of CBM in an order before it is placed in the container.

  • Quantity of synthetic rattan that fits in a 20ft container

A 20ft container has a space of 30 cubic meters and a maximum capacity of 28 tons; However, in the case of synthetic rattan, generally only 8 tons can fit; It is worth mentioning that each package has a weight of 30kg,and occupies a space of 0.12 Cbm, so in a 20ft container we can place 267 packages of synthetic rattan.

  • Quantity of synthetic rattan that fits in a 40ft container

A 40ft container has a space of 67.7 cubic meters and a maximum capacity of 28 tons; However, in the case of synthetic rattan, generally only 21 tons can fit; It is worth mentioning that each package has a weight of 30kg and occupies a space of 0.12 Cbm, so in a 40ft container we can place 700 packages of synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan 40ft container
Synthetic rattan 40ft container


After discussing the amount of synthetic rattan material that fits in a 20 and 40-f00t container, it is necessary to understand and know how to calculate the CBM, KG,and tax rates to pay based on the volume of the order.

The CBM refers to the space that an object occupies in space. Before we have said that each package in which the synthetic rattan is packed occupies a space of 0.12cbm and weighs 30kg, so if we intend is to buy 3000kg of synthetic rattan, the material will be packed in 100 packages, the batch of 100 packages is equivalent to 12 cmb.

At the time of requesting the quote for loose cargo, it is recommended to increase a little both the cbm and the total weight of the batch of products since the material is not packed in cartons and varies in size, these measurements tend to vary and in this way It will be negotiated with the carrier based on the data already calculated for the batch of rattan that you wish to import.

To calculate the tariffs to be paid as import taxes, the main thing is to know the rates established by the government of your country for synthetic rattan. In this case, the tariff item designated for synthetic rattan in the data file is used. on the customs website and the total amount to be paid in tariffs is calculated taking into account two factors. The first variant is the total value of the merchandise and the second variant is the tariff rate, so the amount to pay will be greater or less according to the value of these variables.


The method most used worldwide by many exporters is the delivery of goods at the port of the importer’s country, for which the latter will have to hire the services of an import agent to carry out the customs clearance procedures, however, taking into account the financial situation or lack of experience of many buyers, companies offer other alternatives that allow customers to receive both synthetic rattan and other products without having to hire an import agent.

This method of delivery of goods is mainly chosen when it comes to loose cargo, that is, the importer’s cargo is not the only one in the container.

In this situation, shipping companies offer two types of deliveries: delivery to the shipping company’s warehouse and door-to-door delivery.

  • Delivery of synthetic rattan to the warehouse of the shipping company in your country: if you want to import synthetic rattan and do not have experience in the import process, this is without a doubt a great alternative to receive the material. The shipping company will be in charge of receiving the merchandise in China either at the manufacturer’s factory or in its warehouse before being placed on the ship, will be in charge of all customs clearance both in China and in your country, and will deposit the merchandise in the warehouse located in a city in your country where you will only have to go and present the documents required by the company to be able to remove the cargo. In case you do not know any company in the exporter’s country that can provide you with this service, the synthetic rattan manufacturer can always help you by looking for a company with good prices and trustworthiness.
  • Door-to-Door delivery of synthetic rattan: in principle the procedures carried out when a client opts for this option are the same as the collection of the merchandise from the transport company’s warehouse, that is, the transport company will be responsible for the shipping and customs clearance of the merchandise but instead of you going to pick up the merchandise from the shipping company’s warehouse, they will deliver the merchandise to the address that you indicate, of course this service entails a certain extra expense.


  • Does your company have the material in stock or is there a production time that the client must wait?

We have certain models in stock, however, as we have the ability to manufacture more than 300 synthetic rattan models, we manufacture most of the models within a period of 15 days.

  • How long does it take for the material to arrive in my country and how can I track it?

Delivery time is a factor that depends on the country in which each client is located, however,in most situations it varies between 20-30 days.

  • When should I request the services of an import agent?

It is preferable to opt for this option when the client wants to import the material in large quantities such as a container and the transport company does not offer customs clearance service or door-to-door delivery.

  • How much do I have to pay again if I decide to receive the merchandise in the shipping company’s warehouse?

Based on our experience making shipments in this way, the customer does not pay anything else, the only thing he has to do is go and pick up the merchandise from the warehouse.

  • Is it possible to receive samples before placing the main order?

Of course, we offer our distinguished clientele free samples so they can decide on the models that fit their needs.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

We mainly accept bank transfers, Paypal, and in the case of certain African countries X-transfer.

  • What models of synthetic rattan can you offer me?

We mainly manufacture 4 collections of synthetic rattan (flat, round, half-moon, and seagrass), in turn,we also offer rattan mesh in synthetic and natural versions.


The aesthetic appeal, durability,and resistance that characterize synthetic rattan make thousands of people around the world want to use it to make furniture and accessories. If your plan is to grow your company and you have thought about importing synthetic rattan from China, remember that this process can be done with or without an import agent. The most important thing is to find the right manufacturer since currently many synthetic rattan manufacturing companies such as Leisure touch rattan offer 24-hour assistance to help customers and do not rest until they have achieved customer satisfaction. We understand that each client has special needs, whether due to the design of the material, shipping logistics, delivery time, etc., we will work side by side until we offer you a solution that allows you to obtain the material you need to grow your company.

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