Half Moon Collection

Unique Plastic Half Moon Rattans Collection

Our plastic half moon rattan is woven with wooden and grey colours that blend into any garden and ensure your furniture can carry much more weight.

To lower your costs and time for business procedures, our experienced team can teach your staff how to weave and produce rattan furniture in our turnkey factory project.

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    Diversify Your Furniture Line With Our Custom Features

    We customise our line of plastic rattan materials with various finishings and colours, as well as shapes and other design features to make your outdoor sofas and tables unique and fresh for the eyes.

    Plastic Half Moon Rattans, Your Practical Furniture Material Solution

    Non-Toxic Plastic Rattans

    Emitting no harmful substances, our half moon collection is safe for use and do no harm to the environment.

    Certified for Lasting Quality

    Secure your customers’ trust through our SGS, REACH-certified rattan furniture that have been lab tested.

    Innovative Designs

    Our half moon collection continues to adopt newer and refreshing styles based on market trends.

    Easy to Weave

    With their flexible structure, our plastic rattans can be weaved in different ways while maintaining their durability.

    Ideal for All Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

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