Enjoy Green Life with Our Plastic Rattan Rolls & Wood Boards.

- Vision of Leisure Touch Rattan

Quality Inspection of Materials

The Human-nature Connection

LTR ensures our materials are GRS compliant from a certified recycled PE and PS plastic supplier. All raw materials also go through our thorough complex metal tests to ensure our plastic rattan and plastic wood board are free of toxic substances.

Outdoor Application:

Both Cozy and Consumption-reducing

The premium plastic rattan and wood board allow manufacturers to create comfortable outdoor furnitures. Users are encouraged to use outdoor furniture due to their comfort, which can lead to reduced power consumption.

Outdoor scene
Inspector measuring plastic wooden board
Mindful Manufacturing:

Engaged in Responsibility

We thoroughly screen suppliers based on their commitment to following a sustainable business without sacrificing the quality of their raw materials. LTR has strict standards that we expect all of our partners can follow.

Product Development:

Original and Natural Designs

LTR draws inspiration from the natural elements of our surroundings. Every aspect of LTR’s material is sustainable, from the ingredient we use to the outdoor furniture our products become. Our plastic materials can be recycled for various applications to reduce global carbon footprint and landfill usage.

Rattan inspiration from Growth ring
Factory Waste Disposal
Waste Management:

Both Development and Protection

Progressive waste management policies within our facilities minimize production wastes, increase utilization of recycled materials, and properly dispose of hazardous wastes. LTR’s waste management policy ensures the protection of our surroundings.

Labor Care:

People Are the Key to Success

We ensure the weaving of rattans is appropriately engineered to prevent overworking. Every staff at LTR is protected by our labor policies, which ensure everyone’s rights are upheld, and their safety is guaranteed throughout their work. The policies we place on our workforce are also extended by utilizing non-toxic formulas for our plastic rattans.

Quality inspection team
Plastic Rattan Quality Control
Product Longevity:

Time Will Prove the Quality

Quality outdoor furniture with a long service life is LTR’s primary goal. Long-lasting and durable outdoor furniture reduces the requirement to make products from critical resources and minimizes the use of landfill space.


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