The most Creative Synthetic Rattan Formats to Redefine your Outdoor Furniture


Currently in the manufacturing sector dedicated to the manufacture of furniture there is a trend towards the use of furniture made from synthetic rattan and this is due to its versatility and various factors that make this material one of the best choices at the time of choose the outdoor furniture for the home, leisure place, offices, etc.

The art behind the design and manufacture of rattan material is not determined by a standardized norm, rather it is determined by market demand, which is why synthetic rattan manufacturers invest heavily in R&D to offer furniture that lasts over time, friendly to the environment, elegant and available in a variety of colors, which is why rattan furniture can be found in different formats.

Creativism and Elegance

After the rise in the use of synthetic rattan as a substitute for natural rattan, hundreds of ideas have emerged globally to make this material the best alternative for the manufacture of both outdoor and indoor furniture.

In order to meet the needs of the consumer, manufacturers have become more creative by developing models that attract the attention of the public from the first moment they come into contact with the product. The new designs are not only oriented to guarantee the durability of the material but are also destined to create a harmony with the environment in which they will be used, in this way the products made from this material are available in various dimensions and shapes.

Being a material that is widely used in leisure areas, we can find new versions that are increasingly elegant, fine and flexible.

Flexibility in synthetic rattan formats

Synthetic rattan furniture can be found on the terraces of cafes and restaurants, in hotels, in suburban areas, in offices, etc. The manufacturers of this material make available to the public versions with an oval, thick, thin, crescent shape, etc. and in general, each form that each synthetic rattan format takes is conditioned by the type of final product that is desired to be obtained.

Versatile Flat Plastic Rattan

Leisure Touch Rattan flat plastic rattan materials are designed to withstand changing weather conditions and are ideal for outdoor furniture.

The flat format of synthetic rattan is used in many manufacturing applications and has a very elegant appearance.

Round Rattan

Made from durable plastic rattan, LTR’s round rattan collection provides furniture with the heavy-duty weight-bearing capacity to offer comfortable seating along with a sturdy structure.

Half moon rattan

LTR’s plastic half moon rattan is woven with wood and grey colors that match any garden and ensure that your furniture can withstand much heavier weights.


Our seagrass material has a soft, neutral color and is resistant to high temperatures and dirt to maintain its clean appearance.

Adaptability to the trends of Outdoor Furniture Decoration

The shape, color and dimension that rattan adopts varies over time, although it maintains its original essence, the appearance of this material evolves over time. Synthetic rattan not only imitates the shape of the original rattan but also adapts to new fashion trends.

In 2023 with the arrival of the hot season, many designers have come up with new synthetic rattan collections that definitely reflect the versatility factor of synthetic rattan.

Regardless of size, the outdoor space is conceived as an integral part of the home, which is why when decorating this space the furniture incorporates a stainless metal material with synthetic rattan to combine durability and elegance and create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Quality and Affordability for your garden

Determining which type of material to choose for garden furniture is not an easy task since it depends on many factors, for example, climate, warranties, maintenance, etc. But with the introduction of new materials this task has been simplifying and keeping the synthetic rattan as the main option in the manufacture of outdoor furniture.

Synthetic rattan is cheaper than natural rattan, more durable and flexible. It performs the same functions as natural rattan and is available to everyone as it has become a trend among manufacturers and they often offer this material with new additions whether it be color, shape or cost. in fact, you are unlikely to find a cheaper set of garden furniture.


A. What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

Rattan is a type of material, but wicker is a weaving method. This distinction is what separates the two.

B. Why should I choose synthetic rattan furniture?

Synthetic rattan is a weather resistant, low maintenance, recyclable, versatile and durable material that guarantees both elegance and durability.

C. Why is the demand for synthetic rattan garden furniture on the rise?

The aesthetic appeal of synthetic rattan furniture is the reason why it is so popular. The woven rattan texture is a staple, extremely stylish and is sure to be in style for seasons to come. The design lends a touch of refinement to any outdoor area or garden by skillfully merging rural elegance with a contemporary, simplistic aesthetic.

D. How important is the frame of the garden furniture?

The frame of your garden furniture is one of the essential factors as it is crucial to make sure you don’t buy anything with a frame that can rust or corrode in the weather.


The choice of synthetic rattan as a material for outdoor furniture has been a trend for the last few years as its versatility makes furniture made of synthetic rattan adaptable to weather, durable, available in various colors and offers a great guarantee compared to other materials. The use of this material will continue to evolve as designers strive to develop new collections every year.

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