The Durability of Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture


Explanation of synthetic rattan Furniture and Types of Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Synthetic rattan, which imitates natural rattan, is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is colorless, non-toxic and obtained under low pressure, so there is no harm to the environment during its manufacture. Garden furniture manufactured from Synthetic rattan has become the best choice for many people when choosing furniture for outdoor decoration because of its high quality and durability, as this material is colorless, resistant to weather, and does not crack. The versatility of this material allows the customization of the final product, which is why it is used in the manufacture of sofas, tables, loungers and other outdoor furniture whose use is long-lasting.

Rattan outdoor furniture Amelia R
Rattan Outdoor Furniture Amelia R

The flexibility of synthetic rattan allows it to adopt different shapes (flat, oval, round, seaweed, etc.) so that garden furniture made from this material is not determined by a single style, which is why the trend in demand for these products has remained upward over the years.

Process of Elaboration

Materials and Tecniques

The technology used in the production of synthetic rattan furniture is quite complex, it is a process that uses special high-tech equipment and manual labor, i.e. the production starts with the preparation of a tape of synthetic rattan, which is then usually woven on an aluminum frame (or other outdoor resistant material), to form a garden furniture much more resistant to outdoor conditions than those made of natural rattan.

After obtaining the rattan fiber, the factory masters use very sophisticated techniques combining the polyethylene-based material with a metal frame. Based on the needs of both the company and the customer, this combination of rattan fiber and metal results in outdoor and/or indoor furniture of high quality, flexible, elegant, and tolerant to environmental change, so that the life span of outdoor furniture made of synthetic rattan is longer than that of furniture made of other materials.

Rattan furniture production
Rattan furniture production


The protection of garden furniture is a fundamental task to prevent it from wearing out over time due to being completely exposed to the sun and outdoors.

  • Protecting synthetic rattan outdoor furniture is very simple: just brush it, wash it with a solution of water and neutral soap, and rinse it with a hose of clean water to keep it shiny.
  • They resist moisture and sun exposure well. In addition, they can be strengthened with treatments against mildew and ultraviolet rays. In order to last for years without losing luster, it is very important that the fiber is of good quality.
  • Once a year, deep soiling should be removed with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, then wipe with a cloth dampened with soapy water and allow to air dry.
  • Keep them dry and clean:Excess dust creates an environment that collects mites and other small insects.
  • It is not necessary to use cleaning products or solvents, as these can stain and discolor the material.
  • Keep the material away from sharp or pointed objects that could damage or break the fabric.
  • Always keep out of reach of abrasive chemicals.
Rattan Furniture maintenance
Rattan Furniture maintenance

Advantages of Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Before choosing the type of outdoor furniture it is very important to take into account the type of material used for the manufacture of this furniture, although in essence, it imitates the shape of natural rattan, it offers greater advantages. Among them we highlight the following:


Synthetic rattan can be used to manufacture different elements for outdoor furniture for homes, restaurants, hotels, etc., such as furniture sets, sofas, armchairs, hanging chairs, rocking chairs, armchairs, sun loungers, tables, baskets, wastebaskets, garbage cans, trays, etc.


This furniture is mainly used outdoors because the manufacturing process gives the material the necessary protection against sunlight. To this we owe its great resistance and durability, allowing it not to deform and to be protected from factors such as humidity, heat, rain and salt water.


The material is lightweight, therefore, it allows a better and more comfortable mobility when changing or rearranging your furniture, so you won’t have problems when you want to change the look of your space.


By acquiring furniture made of synthetic rattan you contribute to the care of the environment because no elements from nature are used, besides it is totally recyclable.


  • What is the durability of synthetic rattan?

Generally speaking, PE rattan is estimated to last 5-10 years with proper use.

  • How resistant is the synthetic rattan?

Rattan furniture is resistant to all seasons of the year, so it can be outside, however, it is necessary to store the cushions that are included in the sets inside when they are not used for long periods of time.

  • How do you clean synthetic rattan?

Basically what you have to do is remove dust, sand, earth, etc. with a cloth and water or, with a pressure hose to clean the interlocking well. If there is a pet or grease stain, we will first apply a sponge with neutral detergent and rinse.

  • what is poly rattan?

The word poly rattan is made up of polyethylene and rattan. Both are combined to form the poly rattan. The first piece of furniture was produced in the late 1980s, manufactured and produced from an artificial material.


The maintenance that the products receive is also an important and determining factor if the intention is to be able to use them in the long term. Although synthetic rattan requires little maintenance compared to natural rattan, it is not totally exempt from this task. The lifespan of outdoor furniture made of synthetic rattan is a factor to take into account for many people when deciding between one product and another. Synthetic rattan is more resistant than natural rattan, as it is processed with durable and resistant materials, it is not affected by factors such as humidity and sun and has a useful life of up to 10 years depending on the quality of maintenance, that is why in LEISURE TOUCH RATTAN we produce and export synthetic rattan all over the world.

with more than twenty years of experience and exporting synthetic rattan in large quantities, we have established relationships with customers in different continents offering a product that meets all international standards of quality control, so our company is concerned about providing the necessary materials for the manufacture of outdoor furniture of the highest quality and with the guarantee that the furniture has a useful life that can reach 10 years.

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