The evolution of the commitment to environmental protection on the part of governmental institutions together with a society that is more aware of the sustainability of the planet and the use of natural resources by non-profit organizations has led to the application of wood tending towards the production of eco-friendly materials that are more respectful of the planet and less harmful to the forest mass. In the midst of this change arises a material that has revolutionized the manufacture of furniture for urban areas, plastic wood that by many experts is considered more than a substitute for natural wood but rather as the future of urban furniture given the different factors and characteristics that this material possesses, has established itself as the first choice in many outdoor projects including the manufacture of furniture for urban areas.


● Quality and Resistance

The manufacturing process of wood plastic basically consists of six steps, which are: selection of the plastic, cleaning of the material, grinding of the material, drying of the material, homogenisation of the material and extrusion of the material. With the completion of this process we obtain a material that has physical and mechanical properties that make it the best choice for any project of urban furniture manufacturing,its characteristics of impermeability, flexibility and resistance to atmospheric agents are due to the fact that it is manufactured with different plastics such as polyethylene, PVC, thermoplastic and polypropylene.

Plastic wood is much more resistant than natural wood, it enjoys certain properties that make it immune to climatic agents such as exposure to the sun, humidity, rain etc. It is therefore an ideal material for the manufacture of furniture that is intended to remain outdoors for long periods of time.

● Easy installation

Since plastic wood is much easier to obtain compared to natural wood and is more affordable,the installation process of furniture made from this material is much easier. It usually requires less time and investment because in the process of construction of the material, it acquires the exact shape in which the material is to be used, which facilitates the manufacture and installation of the final product, for example, in the installation of decorative planters in urban roads no heavy material is required. The same applies to the installation of benches and tables in parks, for example, a drilling machine and a screw machine are usually required for the installation of such furniture to ensure the perfect installation of the furniture in the predetermined place.


Wood plastics can not only be used in cladding projects and other domestic applications, but also in other projects for the manufacture of urban furniture.

The physical and mechanical properties of plastic wood are several of the factors that have driven its use in the manufacture of furniture in urban areas. Among the applications of plastic wood in the manufacture of urban furniture, we can highlight the following: construction of parks, benches and tables, planters, signboards, etc.

  • PARK

The use of plastic wood in the manufacture of playground components has been on an upward trend since several governments banned the use of natural wood in the manufacture of such furniture because of the use of toxic materials such as arsenic and lead in order to extend its life span.

Towers made of recycled plastics
Towers made of recycled plastics

We often find this type of tables in public areas,mainly in parks,zoos,protected areas and tourist areas and that is because being made of plastic wood they have the factors that guarantee their durability, impermeability and lack of constant maintenance tasks.


Among all the applications of plastic wood in the manufacture of street furniture, chairs and flower pots are undoubtedly the most outstanding. Being a material that guarantees impermeability,it has become the best option for the manufacture of flower pots because in this way the plants can be watered with water without the pot experiencing any physical alteration, at the same time it can also be exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods without experiencing any alteration that is why the use of this material has also stood out in the manufacture of chairs because like the flower pots, they are also exposed to the same conditions.

Plastic wooden pot
Plastic wooden pot
Plastic wooden chairs
Plastic wooden chairs


Plastic wood is a material that requires little or no maintenance. In general, furniture made of this material can be cleaned using a cotton cloth and liquid detergent, applying it in a circular motion. Rinse with clean water using a new cotton cloth, avoiding excess water. Then dry the surface with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

The use of plastic wood in the manufacture of urban furniture means a reduction in environmental pollution, as tons of plastic waste is used to manufacture this material, thus preventing it from polluting the environment. Moreover, this process contributes to the circular economy, as waste that was previously considered waste has now become an added value in the realization of sustainable development.


  • What kind of furniture can be made from plastic wood?

Plastic wood not only imitates the physical appearance of natural wood but can also be used to make the same furniture that is made from natural wood.

  • What are the factors that have driven the application of wood plastics in the manufacture of outdoor furniture?

Among the factors that have encouraged the use of plastic wood in the manufacture of this type of furniture, the most important are : easy maintenance, the guarantee of a long service life,sustainability, cost savings as well as the versatility of this material.

  • It is possible to obtain a quality guarantee with the purchase of wood plastic?

It is usually possible to purchase a quality guarantee but it also depends on the commercial policies of the supplier, Leisure Touch Rattan has all the certificates that guarantee the quality of our products.


Plastic lumber is considered a very versatile material for construction due to the ease of maintenance,manipulation and variety of shapes it can take. This material has been used by various organisations for the construction of structures ranging from flooring, playgrounds to residential houses, because it is easy to maintain and has met occupational health standards.

Over the years the use of plastic wood in the manufacture of outdoor furniture has been increasing as this material meets the needs of sustainability,durability,flexibility today it is not uncommon to find a piece of furniture made from this material in a park, hospital,signage signs or planters.

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