Synthetic rattan has become a trend in recent years for being the most versatile material due to its multiple uses in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, mainly furniture intended for the garden and for hospitality establishments.

Nowadays it is easy to find furniture made from synthetic rattan in a wide variety of establishments, this is mainly due to the physical and mechanical factors that characterize this material. The owners of homes as well as hospitality establishments select furniture made from this material among many other materials when purchasing the furniture with which they wish to decorate the outdoor space because it is furniture that requires little maintenance, is immune to different climatic agents, are durable and recyclable.


The different applications in which synthetic rattan is used vary according to the end user of the product made from this material.

Although synthetic rattan is mainly used to make outdoor furniture, however, in some cases synthetic rattan is also used to make accessories that are used both inside and outside of homes and hospitality establishments.

The main distinguishing element between the different synthetic rattan products is the shape that the rattan takes before being combined with a Steel or Aluminum structure to form a certain product, that is, the selection between flat, oval, round, seaweed rattan. marine etc. determines the application of this material to make a table, a chair, a decorative accessory for the lights that illuminate the garden, etc.

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In the hospitality industry, furniture made from synthetic rattan can be found both indoors and outdoors and this is mainly due to the fact that synthetic rattan is a product that is not affected by exposure to different liquids. They are furniture that resists the spillage of liquor, water and other products that generally affect furniture made from other materials.

The attractive appearance and versatility of synthetic rattan are other factors that have driven the upward trend in the use of furniture made from this material. They are ideal furniture to create a space in which the feeling of comfort and elegance predominates.

Hosteleria Canarias
Hosteleria Canarias
Rotanga Dlya
Rotanga Dlya



Beyond the traditional sofa and chair sets made from synthetic rattan, we can often also find this type of furniture decorating the outdoor space of homes or public establishments and that is mainly because it is a product with a functional touch. . , happy and fun. The soft balance of a hanging chair invites you to relax, offering an extra dose of comfort with filled sofa cushions, encouraging muscle relaxation and stimulating sleep. But in addition to this benefit, a hanging seat can be located both outside and inside along with some low designer stools.


It is a piece of furniture that is rarely seen in the outdoor spaces of homes or hospitality establishments. The wooden structure is complemented by a braided synthetic rattan to create a sophisticated and elegant piece of furniture.

Silla. Combinacion de Madera y Ratan Sintetico
Silla. Combinacion de Madera y Ratan Sintetico

This is the traditional set of garden furniture that we can often find in the gardens of homes as well as on the terraces of hospitality establishments.




Synthetic rattan is a material made from highly resistant polyethylene, which is why furniture made from this material offers a great advantage compared to furniture made from natural rattan or other materials such as wicker or bamboo. It is furniture that resists humidity as well as exposure to different climatic agents such as the sun, rain or dust.

It is a highly versatile material which is why its use is not limited to the manufacture of the traditional sofa set, i.e. synthetic rattan can be used to manufacture a wide range of products from chairs to sun loungers, decorative ornaments and home accessories. These products can also be manufactured in different colours as it is a material that is available in hundreds of colours.


Compared to its counterpart, natural rattan or other materials intended for the manufacture of outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan is much cheaper and easier to obtain through different manufacturers or online commerce platforms, such is the case of the company Leisure Touch Rattan. which has established itself as a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of synthetic rattan collections.

Being a highly resistant material, users of the raw material as well as the finished products generally enjoy warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years. Synthetic rattan manufacturers often provide the quality certificate issued by government institutions to ensure the high quality of the synthetic rattan model in question.


The wide collection of furniture made from synthetic rattan is generally recyclable products. Being a product committed to environmental sustainability allows both the raw materials as well as the finished products to be recycled after reaching the required time. maximum useful life of the product.

Both the constant demand in the market as well as the versatility of the product itself have caused synthetic rattan manufacturers to invest more in order to offer new collections of synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan manufacturers do not focus only on colors but are also concerned with improving both the quality and guarantee of the products.


  1. How important is the frame of garden furniture.

The structure of your garden furniture is one of the essential factors to take into account when investing your money. However, it’s crucial to make sure you don’t buy anything with a frame that can rust or corrode in the weather, as genuine rattan is water sensitive.

  • What is the reason why synthetic rattan furniture is so in demand?

The aesthetic appeal of synthetic rattan furniture is the reason why it is so appreciated. The rattan woven texture is a staple, extremely stylish and is sure to be in style for seasons to come. The design adds a touch of refinement to any outdoor area or garden by skillfully fusing rural elegance with a contemporary, simplistic aesthetic.

  • Can synthetic rattan furniture be exposed to the outdoors for a long time?

Of course, synthetic rattan is different from natural rattan in that aspect since it is not affected by different climatic agents. Its composition is not affected by being exposed to the sun, rain, humidity, etc.


Synthetic rattan is a coveted material among outdoor furniture manufacturers both for its physical attractiveness and for its resistance and durability, which is why there is a wide range of furniture designs made from this material that are available for the taste of each user. Generally the selection is made according to the needs of the end user, however, today many people are taking a step forward and using furniture that was previously considered for hospitality establishments in their homes and vice versa.

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