The need to create an environment that combines elegance with comfort has brought about great changes in the hospitality industry as people flock to bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts etc. in search of peace and quiet in order to share with their loved ones, this is where many owners of hospitality establishments are faced with the dilemma of the right choice of decoration and material of furniture to decorate their establishments.

Choosing from a variety of materials can be a difficult task as each material has certain properties that make it special. Bamboo, wicker, natural rattan,synthetic rattan etc. are often used in catering establishments, however, of the materials mentioned above, synthetic rattan undoubtedly occupies the first position in the selection of materials for furnishing furniture for catering establishments.


● Elegance, Flexibility

Synthetic rattan is not only a material that emulates the appearance of natural rattan but also possesses qualities that enhance its value as a manufacturing material. It is a material that stands out for its flexibility as it is used to manufacture a variety of products that adapt to a wide range of environments creating an atmosphere of comfort and elegance. The flexible and elegant character combined with the ecological factor of synthetic rattan has generated an upward trend in the manufacture of synthetic rattan furniture.

● Duration and Adaptation

Another factor that has driven the upward trend of synthetic rattan in the decoration of hospitality establishments is the durability of furniture made from this material. Synthetic rattan is immune to climatic agents such as exposure to the sun, rain, humidity, salt water etc. This is the reason why furniture made of synthetic rattan is used by hotel owners in areas close to the sea, the swimming pool or areas that are exposed to the sun for a long time.


● Outdoor furniture

As mentioned above of all the options of selecting materials for outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan is undoubtedly one of the most selected materials by outdoor furniture manufacturers。 With the passage of time and in order to adapt to new technologies, synthetic rattan is used to manufacture outdoor furniture such as: family type tables, sofas, chairs, sun loungers, decoration for lamps etc. Due to its attractive physical form and the guarantees offered by this material, it is not uncommon to see such furniture on the terraces of bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. Because the flexibility of this material means that this furniture adapts to the environment in which it is placed.

  • Famillar type tables : we often find this type of furniture in terraces of catering establishments, they are very used in areas where many people frequent as they are not affected by the spillage of liquids, humidity or exposure to the sun and on the other hand they require little maintenance.
  • Sofas : sofas like Dallas by sigarten are inspired by the fence that is used to protect the yard. The idea of material and colour comes from the forest trees and their colours, giving the feeling of being in nature. Its legs and arms are joined together, highlighting its shape and stable atmosphere. The sides and backrest are made of rattan, giving a delicate texture to the product. When the fire shines through the rattan, it forms a shadow like a fence, creating a visual impact. This product is often found in luxury establishments such as hotels, Resort & Spa etc. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
  • Sun lounger:Synthetic rattan sun loungers are widely used in hospitality establishments that have swimming pools or are exposed to sea water as synthetic rattan has certain properties that keep the furniture in good condition even if water spills on it.

●  Indoor furniture

Although over the years its use has concentrated on the manufacture of outdoor furniture and accessories, synthetic rattan is also used for the manufacture of indoor furniture in the form of armchairs, stools, chairs and so on.

  • Stools: we often find this type of furniture inside catering establishments as they take up little space and are very elegant. As it is a material made of synthetic rattan, it has different characteristics, among which are durability and easy maintenance.
Indoor stool Synthetic rattan
Indoor stool Synthetic rattan
  • Table and chair set: like other furniture mostly used in the hospitality industry, it is not uncommon to find this type of furniture in the interior of hospitality establishments. They are mostly used in environments such as restaurants, nightclubs, hotel lounges etc.


● Structure, color and warranty

When arriving in a hospitality establishment, synthetic rattan furniture can often be seen on the terraces, pool areas, lounge areas etc. In short, the stainless aluminium structure combined with synthetic rattan fibre has had a great acceptance in this industry.

Synthetic rattan, being a product made of high density polyethylene, can adopt different shapes and colours, thus increasing its application in different hospitality establishments. In addition, synthetic rattan furniture is guaranteed for several years, as is the case of the furniture available at Sigarten, which is manufactured and designed by specialists with a high level of experience and professionalism.


  • Can rattan furniture only be used outdoors in hotels and catering establishments?

No, although synthetic rattan furniture is mainly used outdoors, it can also be found in the interior of hotels and restaurants.

  • What is the perfect maintenance of synthetic rattan furniture?

Synthetic rattan furniture can get wet without any problem, but it is still recommended to remove any dust or sand with a soft cloth or damp sponge. The furniture will not warp or rot from the moisture, then you can let it air dry or help it with a dry microfibre cloth.

  • What is the warranty on synthetic rattan furniture?

The warranty period is not standardised, i.e. it depends on the manufacturer, but Sigarten customers can enjoy several years of warranty.


As the hospitality industry is in constant development, it requires new designs in terms of furniture, so it is not surprising the rapid growth that synthetic rattan has had in this industry, as the furniture made from this material has the characteristics that best suit the demand of the hospitality establishments.

Today we can find this furniture in both indoor and outdoor spaces, such is the versatility of synthetic rattan that its use is not only limited to the manufacture of furniture but is also used to manufacture accessories that complement the distribution of furniture.

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