Rattan Material Revival: How to Care Rattan Furniture for Longevity

Growing Interest in Plastic Rattan Material

In the industry of outdoor furnishings, the use of plastic rattan has grown a lot. You can see furniture that is made of rattan material in lots of outdoor settings, such as gardens, outdoor commercial spaces, public parks, and so on. Although plastic rattan does not have a long history, the popularity of plastic rattan furniture has swiftly increased. It is famous for its visual charm, strong element resistance, and easy upkeep. Particularly in today’s eco-conscious environment, the recyclable quality of rattan material aligns seamlessly with the idea of material sustainability, further elevating its overall appeal.

However, if you would like to ensure the longevity of outdoor rattan furniture, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Despite rattan’s innate durability and suitability for outdoor environments, proactive care can significantly extend its lifespan and provide you with a wonderful outdoor haven for a long time. Therefore, understanding and learning the importance of cleaning rattan furniture not only preserves its aesthetic allure but also safeguards its structural integrity against the outdoor elements. In this article, we will deeply talk about the art of cleaning rattan furniture, offering expert tips and techniques to keep your outdoor oasis looking pristine for years to come.

Eco friendly Rattan Chairs 1
Chairs Made of Eco-friendly Rattan Material

Reasons for the Popularity of Rattan Material

Are you wondering why plastic rattan furniture has become so popular nowadays? Now, I will explain it deeply to you! Plastic rattan material stands out as a superior choice, offering plenty of advantages over its natural counterpart. Its resilience, weather resistance, and minimal maintenance make it a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor settings. Unlike its natural counterpart, plastic rattan material is more resistant to dust, rot, mold, and insect damage, thus ensuring its durability even when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

One of the most outstanding benefits of plastic rattan is its exceptional durability. Plastic rattan is crafted from synthetic materials which makes it able to withstand various kinds of outdoor elements.  It has a strong resistance to sunlight exposure, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures, making it practical and durable for customers used outdoors. Its strong weather resistance sets it apart as a top choice for outdoor furniture use. Since plastic rattan furniture can retain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for years, it will be the most long-lasting decoration in your patio area. Unlike natural rattan, which may warp or degrade when exposed to moisture and humidity, plastic rattan remains unaffected by such environmental factors. This makes it an ideal option for garden lounges, patio sets, and other outdoor spaces where durability and longevity are paramount.

Long lasting Outdoor Rattan Sets
Long lasting Outdoor Rattan Sets

Moreover, the low maintenance requirements of plastic rattan further elevate its appeal. Unlike natural rattan, which may require regular oiling or sealing to maintain its appearance and prevent deterioration, plastic rattan simply requires occasional cleaning to maintain its appearance, which can largely save time for busy homeowners.

Protection and Seasonal Care For Furniture Made of Rattan Material

Just like what I mentioned above, although plastic rattan itself is durable and best for outdoor use, some additional protection and seasonal care for outdoor furniture can significantly prolong its lifespan and maintain its original appearance. For instance, you need to apply regular dusting and cleaning to the furniture and avoid direct sunlight, rain, and harsh chemicals to help it live longer outdoors.

During winter months, people normally prefer to stay inside since the outdoor spaces are cold. It is time for you to move your furniture somewhere else or cover it with a dust-proof tarp or cover.  What is more, since the weather conditions in winter are not that nice compared to summer, shielding rattan furniture from the harsh elements of snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures will prevent potential damage and preserve its integrity for future use.

Rattan Furniture in Winter Outdoors
Rattan Furniture in Winter Outdoors

In summer, when the sun’s rays beat down relentlessly, it’s advisable to provide covers for your rattan furniture. If you prefer some easy ways to do so, purchasing and using a parasol to cover the furniture is a good choice. If you want some permanent method to protect your outdoor rattan furniture, installing a canopy can prevent the furniture from direct sunlight, mitigating the risk of fading or warping due to prolonged sunshine exposure.

Furthermore, keeping a close eye on weather forecasts can guide proactive measures. If rain is predicted in the following days, storing or covering your rattan furniture in advance can prevent moisture-related issues such as mold, mildew, or rot. By staying vigilant and implementing these seasonal care and protection strategies, you will ensure that your plastic rattan furniture remains your favourite piece in your outdoor sanctuary for many seasons to come.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor Rattan Furniture

In order to ensure the durability and original appearance of outdoor rattan furniture, diligent cleaning and maintenance are needed. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only preserves its aesthetic charm but also protects against the wear and tear of outdoor situations.

Rattan Furniture Under The Protection of Parasol
Rattan Furniture Under The Protection of Parasol

When you start your cleaning process, you should prepare a gentle solution first, which mixing warm water with a mild detergent. It is important to use non-foaming cleaner and non-foaming water on rattan furniture since a foaming product will leave residue in the gaps of the weave. Then, using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wipe down the surfaces of the rattan furniture, ensuring thorough coverage. This step effectively removes surface dirt and dust accumulated over time.

For more stubborn stains or grime, a soft-bristled brush or sponge can be employed. When you scrub the affected areas, please remember to clean them carefully with gentle pressure since doing it too hard will damage the delicate rattan material. After that, rinse the furniture thoroughly with clean water to remove any residual soap or detergent. Furthermore, protective measures such as applying a coat of clear varnish or sealant can shield the rattan against moisture and UV exposure. By incorporating these cleaning and maintenance practices into your routine, you can enjoy your outdoor rattan furniture for a long time on your patio and ensure the enduring beauty and functionality of the rattan furniture.

Repair and Restoration

However, beyond the routine cleaning and maintenance, proactive steps such as periodic inspection for damage are crucial. When you have time, you can take a look at the outdoor furniture and check whether there are loose strands or small cracks, as addressing these issues promptly can prevent further deterioration.

Regular Check of the Rattan Furniture Pieces
Regular Check of the Rattan Furniture Pieces

For some minor repairs, your DIY techniques can often suffice. However, if there is more extensive damage that exceeds your capability, professional restoration services may be necessitated. As a professional and experienced b2b manufacturer of plastic rattan, Leisure Touch Rattan not only offers high-quality plastic rattan but also provides timely and effective after-sales service, helping you offer a better sales experience for your customers.

Where to Buy High-Quality Plastic Rattan Material?

If you would like to have long-lasting rattan sofas or chairs in your outdoor places, choosing the right and credible supplier with high-quality rattan material is crucial. Leisure Touch Rattan (LTR) is a Chinese leading supplier that sells high-quality plastic wood and plastic rattan. With customers all over the world, we take pride in the quality of our materials and offer customization services to meet various customers’ needs. What is more, with a strong and powered backup factory, we always deliver our products timely and efficiently. We also ensure that our rattan material will arrive to you in pristine and good condition. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing reliable after-sales support, ensuring that you and your customers can enjoy an outdoor space comfortably and hassle-free. If you would like to produce furniture with long-lasting rattan material, click here for more information!

Reliable Plastic Rattan Supplier
Reliable Plastic Rattan Supplier

Time to Maintain Your Own Rattan Outdoor Furniture

In conclusion, while selecting the appropriate high-quality plastic rattan material sets the foundation for a resilient and relaxing outdoor oasis, the journey toward longevity does not end there. It is essential to realize that except for this initial choice, proper care and maintenance play essential roles in ensuring your outdoor furniture that is made of rattan material stands the test of time. By following the tips that I outlined above, you can ensure that your rattan furniture pieces remain beautiful and functional for a long period. From gentle cleaning techniques to protective measures against environmental elements, each suggestion is an essential and useful idea that you need to pay attention to. By applying these practices to your daily life, you not only safeguard the aesthetic charm and durability of your rattan pieces but also effortlessly enhance the outdoor living environment.

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