For decades, natural rattan was one of the main materials with which outdoor furniture was manufactured since it offered certain advantages compared to other materials, however, with the appearance of synthetic rattan on the landscape of outdoor furniture manufacturing, synthetic rattan quickly became a trend for both furniture manufacturers and end users. This is mainly because synthetic rattan not only imitates the physical appearance of natural rattan but also has certain physical and mechanical factors that make this material offer high-quality, durable, varied, ecological furniture, etc., which is why today Nowadays we can find synthetic rattan furniture in a wide variety of establishments, mainly in gardens.


The aesthetic appeal of synthetic rattan is undoubtedly one of the main factors that have driven the demand for synthetic rattan garden furniture among consumers, this material offers a touch of elegance and comfort to these outdoor spaces dedicated mainly to relaxation and family enjoyment.

It is such a versatile material that it can be adapted to the needs of the consumer, and can be obtained in different shapes and colours to match the decoration or design of the garden.

The aesthetic appeal of this material is mainly due to the fact that it is manufactured from high-density polyethylene and therefore not only mimics the physical appearance of natural rattan but also presents itself as a more enhanced version in terms of physical appearance, offering furniture that shines and adds elegance to the home garden.


As a material obtained from high-density polyethylene, synthetic rattan garden furniture is resistant to different climatic agents and can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and humidity, etc.

This furniture requires little or no maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth and clean water just to keep the furniture clean and dust-free, which is why this furniture offers consumers cost and time savings as no special products are required for maintenance.

BM 32816 outdoor sofa
Outdoor sofa with BM-32816

The warranty that is generally offered by both manufacturers and retailers of synthetic rattan furniture is another factor that determines the high demand for this furniture, which varies from 2 to 5 years depending on the type of furniture and the manufacturer.


Since the garden is that part of the home that is most exposed to the weather, the furniture that is used for the enjoyment and use of this space should be made from materials that allow the implementation of new designs and adapt to different environments, which is why synthetic rattan is considered a flexible material as it meets each of these qualities. According to the model of synthetic rattan can be manufactured different furniture and accessories in order to meet consumer demand and offer a variety of furniture and accessories, in general the synthetic rattan is a material that adapts to different market demands which is why at fairs or exhibitions of furniture often visualize new designs and variations in both furniture and the material itself.


Synthetic rattan is a trend that is here to stay and to replace its natural counterpart. Synthetic rattan furniture has conquered the hearts of consumers such is the case of the synthetic rattan hanging chair that became a big trend in social networks during the confinement because it is a product that invites relaxation and rest.

rattan hanging bowl chair
Rattan hanging bowl chair

Users can stuff cotton cushions inside and stay there for a long time while relaxing and listening to music or reading a book as the hanging chair slowly sways from side to side.  This is an example of a product made from synthetic rattan that went viral for its aesthetic appeal, waterproofing, quality and durability and since then, although originally intended for outdoor use, it is often used indoors as well.


  • Is it a good choice to opt for synthetic rattan furniture?

When it comes to the purchase of outdoor furniture, furniture made of synthetic rattan is undoubtedly the best choice as it offers numerous advantages compared to furniture made of other materials such as bamboo, wicker, wood or natural rattan.

  • What are the advantages of buying synthetic rattan furniture?

Synthetic rattan offers numerous advantages, the most important of which are: impermeability, resistance, durability and time and cost savings in maintenance.

  • Where and how can I buy synthetic rattan?

Synthetic rattan can be purchased through retailers or ordered directly from a manufacturer, depending on the quantity required. Synthetic rattan retailer. Through the Leisure Touch Rattan website you can place your order for synthetic rattan.

  • Is it possible to repair synthetic rattan furniture?

It is possible to repair any synthetic rattan furniture if you have the knowledge and the right tools to do it.


The trend of synthetic rattan furniture in the selection of outdoor furniture is a phenomenon that is no longer to be considered as a mere fad as it is an article that has conquered the hearts of designers and consumers, which is why new designs and models in synthetic rattan fibre are often seen at furniture fairs.

As the trend of spending more time outdoors with family and friends grows, many people are looking to fit that space with the best furniture available on the market and for many the best choice remains synthetic rattan because it offers many advantages over other materials.

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