There is a product called Plastic Wood and there are thousands of companies that are making use of this material to carry out their work activities and this is mainly due to the fact that plastic is one of the most difficult waste to degrade, so by using this waste to manufacture a final product, a material is obtained that is presented as a substitute for natural wood, with qualities and factors that determine the new trend of using this material in the manufacture of furniture, parks, bridges, farms, etc. The sustainability factor is another of the qualities that have driven the application of this material in different projects, as its manufacturing process mainly uses waste that was previously considered rubbish and now obtains an added value to obtain another material that is in turn recyclable.


● Waterproofing

Items made of plastic wood, unlike their natural wood counterparts, are waterproof, so that exposure to rain or salt water does not alter their physical composition, which is why we often find street furniture and items in coastal areas made of this material.

● Anticorrosive

This is one of the most outstanding characteristics of plastic wood as it prevents the degradation of products or projects that arise from the use of this material, in short, it is a material that does not need to be painted to maintain its original shape over a long time.

● Hygienic

WPC is a material that does not accumulate mites or bacteria, it is resistant to humidity and is easy to clean, so no special products are needed to maintain the furniture or works that are made of this material, such is the case of urban furniture that is often exposed to the rain to be free of dust that accumulates.

● Rotproof

As a material obtained through the alloying of a large amount of plastic waste and natural wood resin, wood plastic is presented as a material exempt from rotting due to the prolonged use of the final product or project throughout its useful life.

● Resistant

Wood-plastic is mainly resistant to compression and can therefore be used for projects intended for continuous support of a heavy load or on soils that require hard materials to ensure that these projects can be used to their full potential.


Plastic wood is a material that is not limited to imitating the physical appearance of natural wood, but can also be used to carry out the same activities as natural wood. Of all the possible applications of wood-plastic, the following are the most important:

● Urban Furniture

The application of  plastic wood for the manufacture of articles for urban areas is mainly focused on the manufacture of: benches, chairs, tables, playgrounds, signposts, etc. This is mainly due to the physical and mechanical properties of the material that allow these articles to remain outdoors exposed to the different climatic agents, however, they do not suffer alterations in the physical form or in their functioning.

Urban Furniture
Urban Furniture

● Construction

Plastic wood is used in various construction projects, whether inside or outside the home or in various hospitality establishments, for example: decking, fencing, the construction of garden houses, the construction of the structure of a house etc.

● Farms

The WPC is mainly used on farms as a tool in the construction of fences and walls, as it is an extremely resistant and anti-corrosive material that can be used to contain animals in a certain environment.

Plastic wood vegetable gardens
Plastic wood vegetable gardens


Regardless of its use, the plastic wood is a material that has been widely accepted in society, and the following are some of the advantages of using this material:

The wpc contributes to the circular economy, in such a way that those wastes that were considered waste, acquire an added value by being reused in the manufacture of plastic wood.

It is highly resistant and durable. One of the greatest advantages of using WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or LTR plastic wood products in your project is its high resistance to weathering. Mainly in outdoor environments, there are factors such as insects, rain, humidity, excessive heat from the sun and the incidence of its UV rays, and other climatic agents, which will expose your environment to strong changes in temperature and extreme conditions that will accelerate the deterioration of materials in its construction.

In the case of natural wood, exposure to these factors causes damage that is visible very quickly, such as: discoloration, rot. To try to give greater durability and life to natural wood, you will have to make an annual investment in maintenance. But with LTR plastic wood, you avoid all that cost and time lost in maintaining your space for many years; since our materials are: highly resistant to temperature changes, water or humidity, UV rays, fungi and insects.


  • What maintenance does plastic wood furniture require?

Cleaning this furniture does not require the application of any special product, just apply a damp cloth and soap to the furniture to keep it in good condition.

  • Is plastic wood a sustainable material?

Plastic wood is a 100% ecological and recyclable material, that is, it uses waste in its manufacturing process and in turn can be used to manufacture other products.

  • How long does a plastic wood work last?

Based on different studies, the duration of a work made from plastic wood ranges from 25 to 150 years.


Plastic wood is a material that not only imitates the physical appearance of traditional wood, but also has certain characteristics and properties that make it an ideal material for different applications.

The sustainability, durability and flexibility factor of this material generated a great demand for the use of this material, so as society becomes more aware of the fight for climate change and the sustainability of terrestrial fauna, this material will continue to be used. As a substitute for natural wood because it prevents the indiscriminate felling of trees and offers better advantages compared to its counterpart and other materials.

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