Synthetic rattan as a fundamental component in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, has become a trend and the main choice for both manufacturers and end users of outdoor furniture. However, being an imitation of natural rattan, its manufacture and the manufacture of furniture requires very sophisticated processes and techniques. In this article we will develop the different procedures for the correct establishment of a workshop/factory of synthetic rattan furniture, the different budgets as well as the method of contracting the main additional service of leisure touch rattan.


As one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture materials, in addition to supplying synthetic rattan and wood plastic, one of leisure touch rattan’s additional services is to provide service for the establishment of a synthetic rattan furniture factory.


This process consists of offering a complete training course to help future factory workers master and perfect the framing, weaving and finishing of the final product.

Leisure Touch Rattan has a cadre of experts with extensive experience who are mainly responsible for training the staff during the training course through theoretical and practical activities throughout the training period of the staff for the manufacture of synthetic rattan furniture, mainly consists of framing and weaving.

Training of staff
Training of staff

The materials required for the proper functioning of a synthetic rattan furniture factory vary according to the different stages of furniture manufacturing. We leisure Touch Rattan supply all the necessary materials for the manufacture of synthetic rattan furniture, from the aluminium cutting machine to the raw material needed to weave the furniture.


For the correct functioning of a furniture factory all the materials are important because regardless of their size, they play an important role. The amount of machinery needed to start a furniture factory tends to vary according to the size and production capacity of the factory, however, of the three recommended factory size options, the following machines are the most important: Circular Saw, Bending Machine, Punch Press, Drilling Machine, Welding Machine, Polishing Machine, Air Compressor, Stapler.

saw cutting machine
saw cutting machine

Obtaining all these machines can be an easy or complicated process depending on the location of the factory in question, which is why Leisure Touch Rattan’s furniture factory set-up service package includes the supply of all the machinery necessary for the correct operation of the synthetic rattan furniture factory.


Design of products → Selection of materials → frame production → powder spraying → Rattan weaving → product finished inspection.

In general, the design of the products to be manufactured is not a standardised procedure as each manufacturer seeks to reach a certain public, as synthetic rattan is a highly versatile product, the range of products that can be manufactured with this material is very wide, that is to say, they are products that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The main material in this process is synthetic rattan fibre, which is available in flat, oval, round or seaweed shapes. At the same time it is a material that is available in dozens of colours.

The selection of the rest of the materials varies according to the different phases of the furniture manufacturing process.

Once the product design has been determined and the selection of materials has been made, the next step is the production of the frame, which mainly consists of: Cut → Bent → Welding → pulled → Correction → finished. Then the synthetic rattan fibre is used on an aluminium structure to shape the final product, this process is called weaving. Finally, to guarantee the quality of the final product, a careful inspection of the product that has been manufactured is carried out.

Furniture manufacruring
Furniture manufacturing


  • Cost and time saving : Compared to its counterpart natural rattan, bamboo or wicker, synthetic rattan is much cheaper and more readily available.
  • Guaranteed return on investment: over the years it has been proven that synthetic rattan is not a fad that will be forgotten after a certain period of time. Synthetic rattan furniture and accessories are in great demand in the global marketplace, so owning a furniture factory is a good long-term investment.
  • Versatility : the high demand for furniture that breaks with colour and design standards allows furniture manufacturers to receive orders for large quantities and different furniture designs.
  • Sustainability : made from high-strength polyethylene, synthetic rattan is a non-polluting material and at the same time products made from this material are 100% recyclable.


As far as we are concerned, we will help you with raw materials, machinery and training. This equates to a budget of approximately US$ 20,000 for the basic set up. The prices of the three complete packages vary from US$60000 to US$120000 which also includes factory land, labour and other necessities.

  • How many workers do I need to hire?

For a small factory only 10 workers would be needed for framing, powder coating, weaving and packaging

  • What machines do I need to make the furniture?

Mainly needed would be : circular saw, bending machine, punch press, drill, welding machine, polishing machine, weaving machine.

  • What is the minimum quantity for each order?

When placing an order with us, the minimum quantity per order is 300 kilos.


The furniture business has been a profitable business for a very long time. For our customers, setting up a furniture factory seems difficult and even unattainable because they do not know where to start, however, we leisure touch rattan as a leading manufacturer of raw materials for outdoor furniture manufacturing, we also offer an additional service to our customers consisting of a complete package to help them set up their furniture factories.

We mainly assist our customers in the following ways: we draw up a factory construction plan with detailed procedures, we supply the synthetic rattan fibre, we select and purchase the necessary machines and manufacturing equipment, we send instructors to the factories to teach the workers the framing and weaving techniques.

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