As time goes by, consumers tend to demand novelty in the products they usually consume, and at the same time companies appear that can be considered competitors. Taking all this into account, there is no doubt that Leisure Touch Rattan has adapted to the different changes in the market, trends and consumer demands, thus becoming a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of materials for the manufacture of outdoor furniture, mainly synthetic rattan and wood plastic.

LTR aims to offer products that meet quality standards, manufactured using sophisticated techniques by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience. The company also offers an additional service of factory establishment, which consists of advising our clients so that they can have a factory capable of producing high-quality synthetic rat furniture.



Synthetic rattan is the main material manufactured by Leisure Touch Rattan (LTR). In order to meet the different needs of the market, every year we surprise our distinguished clientele with new models and colours of synthetic rattan made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and with quality test certificates.

Currently the company focuses on the promotion, manufacture, and distribution of four collections of synthetic rattan: flat, oval, round and seagrass. However, there are also customers who demand certain colours or models that we sometimes do not have in stock, which is why we also offer a synthetic rattan customisation service at no additional cost.

Whether it is the excellent service or the quality of our synthetic rattan, Leisure Touch Rattan has been able to expand its exports of synthetic rattan all over the world, establishing itself as a leading company in its sector and recognised as a trusted manufacturer/distributor of synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan collections
Synthetic rattan collections


As far as wood plastic is concerned, LTR focuses on the production of boards that are mainly used in the manufacture of benches, chairs, dining sets etc. It is a material that is used outdoors because it offers many advantages compared to its counterpart traditional wood.

Traditional wood panels manufactured by LTR are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, patterns, textures, etc. As a material made from 100% plastics, it is water tolerant and will not warp from exposure to rain or seawater in coastal areas.

By using wood-plastic panels for outdoor furniture, you get a product that is weather-resistant, non-fading, durable and low-maintenance, thus offering cost and time savings.

Wood like Grains of Plastic Lumber
Plastic Wood Lumber


As one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture making materials, LTR not only supplies synthetic rattan to its distinguished clientele but also specialises in advising them in setting up their synthetic rattan furniture factories. This is a multi-stage assignment in which our professionals help them to be able to manufacture quality furniture with the most sophisticated techniques.

To fulfill this task we are in charge of carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Raw material supply: PE ratan, aluminum tube and plastic accessories.
  2. Purchase of equipment such as: cutting machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, weaving facilities and so on.
  3. Training: framing and weaving. We will send experienced trainers to the facilities to deliver the training.

There are many successful cases in which we have managed to help our clients in Bolivia, Georgia and Nigeria for the installation of synthetic rattan furniture factories.


To purchase the materials we manufacture, you can make your enquiry and get the quotation through our website or through our alibaba shop, in any case you can also contact us on our different accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. One of our sales agents will contact you within 24 hours. After notifying us of your requirements, you will get a quotation based on your specifications and then decide whether you should first receive the free samples we offer or place your first order with us.

Being a company that specialises in the manufacture of synthetic rattan, we have established a commercial policy in which there is a minimum quantity for each order of synthetic rattan. Regarding the method of payment, we accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

Regardless of your location, we guarantee our valued customers the safe delivery of the goods according to the agreement made during the negotiation process, and we also offer after-sales service to ensure a long-term cooperative relationship between our companies.


  • Can you send samples of your products?

We offer free shipment of samples, we only ask our partners to pay the freight costs.

  • Can you ship synthetic rattan to Latin America?

Of course, we have a wide experience exporting synthetic rattan to different countries in Latin America, we are backed by 30 years of experience.

  • Can you send me some proof of the quality of your products?

Of course, each of the materials we offer has successfully passed the various quality tests to which it has been subjected, which is why we can send copies of the quality certificates.

We have a package ready with all the information about the materials, the staff and the training course.


Leisure Touch Rattan is a company that has dedicated time and effort to offer its distinguished clientele the best materials for the manufacture of outdoor furniture, adapting to the different changes in the market and prioritising design innovation, offering the consumer a variety of collections of synthetic rattan and different models of plastic wood.

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