Is Plastic Rattan Waterproof or Weatherproof?


In today’s market, the demand for plastic rattan furniture is increasing because of its timeless appeal, perfect practicability and people’s increasing consciousness towards environmental preservation.  Nowadays, due to the worse earth’s environment, people have started to prioritize sustainability while shopping or manufacturing products. For example, in most outdoor areas, you can see more plastic rattan furniture than before; instead of fulling of real wood and real rattan tables and chairs. There is a notable shift towards materials like synthetic rattan, which offers the charm of traditional materials like real rattan while being eco-friendly and durable at the same time. 

However, when one thing becomes the mainstream, people will start to question it. Nowadays, some people still have the stereotype that plastic rattan is just like normal plastic material and does not look good while being used in the production of outdoor furniture. They might be also curious about plastic rattan’s practicability and wonder if it is weather-proof and waterproof. In this blog, I will answer these questions for you and introduce plastic rattan to you!

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Top Outdoor Material: Plastic Rattan

Why Is Plastic Rattan Popular?

Plastic rattan, also known as PE rattan and synthetic rattan, is entirely made of plastics. It is a kind of artificial material that mimics the appearance of natural rattan. PE rattan is typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and UV stabilizers, making it environmentally friendly and resistant to different harsh weather situations. As a result, it is one of the ideal outdoor furniture materials for coastal or garden areas. Compared with natural rattan, natural rattan not only costs more when used to manufacture outdoor furniture but also has a shorter life span in outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, poolside or resorts.

What is more, excluding plastic rattan’s excellent characteristics for outdoor settings, it also comes in various styles, which can perfectly satisfy customers’ different preferences and needs. It is often used in the production of outdoor dining sets and lounging furniture such as sofas and coffee tables. Whether the furniture style is modern or traditional design, PErattan can always seamlessly blend with the furniture, making the furniture the ability to fit in many different spaces with different styles.

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Plastic Rattan Furniture in Modern Style Backyard

Is Plastic Rattan Weatherproof or Waterproof?

If you have read what I wrote above, you might know that the answer is “yes” to this question. The most important reason that it is popular for outdoor furniture making is because PE rattan is weather-proof and waterproof. Since plastic rattan is 100% made of plastics, it is not sensitive to outdoor weather conditions compared with real rattan. PE rattan can withstand harsh outdoor elements such as strong sunshine exposure, heavy wind and heavy rain.

That is to say, if you place a set of plastic rattan furniture in your garden, you do not need to worry about its long-term exposure in the outdoor setting. It will not break because of the strong direct sunshine and will not be rotten because of the highly humid environment after the heavy rain. What is more, plastic rattan is sturdy in its structure. A sofa or chair that is made of PE rattan is strong and safe, which helps your customers create a comfortable and carefree outdoor environment. Last but not need, PE rattan material is easy to clean and maintain. It does not need too much additional care from people, which means it can largely save people’s time and effort to keep its original beauty.

Details of Weatherproof Plastic Rattan

The Special Attributes of Anti-dust and Anti-insect

Except for the above benefits that I mentioned, there are two attributes that also make plastic rattan suitable for outdoor environments. As we all know, in most outdoor settings such as gardens, patios, parks or lounge areas, there will be lots of plants around for decoration. That is to say, insects are commonly seen in these areas. However, if you place a real rattan or real wood chair outside, you can see damaged outdoor furniture since the bugs or insects will eat or destroy the material. What is more, if the outdoor furniture is placed outdoors for a long time without usage, it will be covered by a layer of dust. At this time, plastic rattan can help since it is resistant to these factors. It does not attract the attention of bugs and can be easily cleaned by water.

What Should I Do to Maintain the Durability of Plastic Rattan Furniture?

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, some easy ways can do to help extend the life span of plastic rattan furniture. For example, in summer, when the sunshine is always strong and the temperature is high, you can move the furniture to somewhere that has a cover to block some UV-ray or get a parasol to offer a shade for the PE rattan furniture. What is more, although PE rattan is waterproof, proper maintenance can make it survive longer outdoors. If the weather forecast says that a storm is coming, you can apply a protection cover to the furniture to minimize the harm from the heavy rain. In winter, when it snows or the furniture is not used for a long time, you can move it indoors or use a cover to protect it.

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Plastic Rattan Furniture With the Cover of A Parasol

Cleaning Tips for PE Rattan Furniture

  1. When cleaning the rattan furniture, you should clean it with warm water and a non-foaming cleaner like Dettol since foaming products will easily leave residue in the gaps of plastic rattan.
  2. A soft cloth or sponge is suggested to use to wash the rattan furniture.
  3. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, you can brush the furniture with a hand brush or soft scrubbing pad to ensure it is fully cleaned.
  4. The last step is to rinse the furniture off well with clean water using a garden hose with a spray attachment.


Along with people’s increasing awareness about greener lifestyles and environmental protection, some recycled and sustainable materials such as plastic rattan instead of real rattan, are used to manufacture outdoor furniture. Leisure Touch Rattan‘s PE rattan not only has the aesthetic and stylish appearance of natural rattan but is also more practical and durable than traditional natural materials. The extensive benefits such as the strong resistance to harsh weather conditions make it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. What is more, although plastic rattan itself is strong and durable in outdoor settings, proper cleaning can also help it survive longer outside. At that time, PE rattan furniture can be the most long-lasting decoration in your garden. Its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance make it a worthy investment for you and your customers.

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