Introducing LTR New Collection: Rattan Designs 2023


We are excited to introduce our new collection, Rattan Designs 2023, to furniture manufacturers, furniture designers, contractors, and wholesalers in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The official product launch is scheduled for June 18th, 2023 at Spoga+gafa. This launch will be a historic moment for our company, Leisure Touch-Rattan Co., after the recession and setbacks during the pandemic. Our goal is to provide customers with original, innovative, and high-quality PE rattan designs. Our research and development team spent a year on this project. This article will guide you through the project’s journey, offering you a comprehensive perspective on our product features, services, company philosophy, core values, and future strategies.

Pain Points

The global manufacturing industry, particularly the Chinese manufacturing industry, is at a turning point from “incremental economic growth” to “stock economic growth”. In the past, the outdoor furniture material industry thrived because the market saturation was low. Companies could make considerable profits by investing in expanding factory size, workforce size, and product output. However, times have changed. Market saturation is now so high that companies must improve their core competitiveness to survive in the industry. This can be done by establishing strong branding, an innovative product portfolio, and services.

The outdoor furniture industry, including Leisure Touch-Rattan Company and our business clients, faces significant challenges. To overcome these obstacles, we must stop repeating what has already been done and create brand-new concepts and products that define the future. Bearing this notion in mind, our general manager, Judy Wei, has led her excellent team to embark on a new product project.


Collection Introduction

The new collection includes seventeen PE rattan designs, classified into three categories: environment, plants, and inorganic.


This category features PE rattan designs that draw inspiration from the four seasons and climatic phenomena. For instance, “Eve” mimics the skylight and cloud shadow at sunset. To view the complete catalogue, please click here.


No. of Product: BM-32825.

Size: 12*1.3 mm.

Design Idea: The contrast of colours between the sky and the cloud at sunset.

Surface Feature: Medium gloss.


No. of Product: BM-4240.

Size: 8*1.4 mm.

Design Idea: The hazy glow of sunset, transitioning from dim light to dark skylines.

Surface Feature: Medium gloss.


No. of Product: BM-4243.

Size: 8*1.4 mm.

Design Idea: At sunset, the skylight next to the sea horizon exhibits a horizontal colour contrast.

Surface Feature: Low roughness.


No. of Product: BM-90170.

Size: 7*3.8 mm.

Design Idea: Under a sunny blue sky, the jungle appears lush and verdant.

Surface Feature: High gloss.


No. of Product: BM-90163.

Size: 7*5.0 mm.

Design Idea: Clouds symbolise an extra soft texture and a low-brightness white. A cluster of clouds has intricate linings.

Surface Feature: Medium gloss.


This category comprises of PE rattan designs that resemble grass, wood, and leaves. For example, the “Grass” rattan has a vibrant colour of dark green and clear, brushed horizontal lines, imitating the texture of common grasses. Ben Chan, the chief designer of Leisure Touch-Rattan, believes that people find comfort and security when surrounded by familiar objects, such as grass, weather, and mountains. To achieve this, he visited many forest parks to seek inspiration from the mother of nature. To view the complete catalogue, please click here.


No. of Product: BM-32811.

Size: 7*1.3 mm.

Design Idea: The natural wood grain represents a classy taste with no frills.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.

Growth Ring

No. of Product: BM-32816.

Size: 10*1.8 mm.

Design Idea: The layers of growth rings remind us of an enduring past, exhibiting the wisdom of old age.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.


No. of Product: BM-4238.

Size: 6*1.3 mm.

Design Idea: The thick vein structure in leaves transfers nutrition and water throughout the plant.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.


No. of Product: BM-70379.

Size: 7*1.3 mm.

Design Idea: Cracked bark with visible pores and lines is exceptionally sturdy.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.


No. of Product: BM-90169.

Size: 10*1.8 mm.

Design Idea: Speckled spots are scattered across the dark-coloured halved leaves.

Surface Feature: Halved structure.


This category includes PE rattan materials inspired by inorganic substances such as rocks, marbles, soil, and metal. Restoring their natural look and texture on PE rattan is no easy task. The craftsmanship behind these new designs is complex and can take months or even years to perfect. One standout product, for example, is “weathering” due to its unique colour and pattern. In the early stages of graphic design, it looked different from the final product. Ben Chan visited the factory and talked to the product development engineer in the workshop to see if they could achieve the desired effect. They encountered technical problems when attempting to produce random spots over the rattan surface. Eventually, Ben Chan modified his design, and they succeeded. The designer and artisan were both very happy and satisfied with their new design. As Ben told me about this experience, “Rattan material design is not the job of a single individual, but rather a team of different talented individuals with great curiosity, rich experience, and strong operational ability. And, of course, a persistent character.”


No. of Product: BM-90166

Size: 8*1.3 mm

Design Idea: On the beach, the rocks have distinct light and shadow layers under intense sunlight.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.


No. of Product: BM-11397

Size: 7*1.3 mm

Design Idea: Metal stands tough to weather the storm. The rust showcases its fight against the harsh environment.

Metal stands tough to weather the storm. Rust showcases its resilience against harsh environments.

Surface Feature: Low roughness. Slightly metallic.


No. of Product: BM-11399

Size: 7*1.3 mm

Design Idea: Feel the moist soil in your hand. Gravel has a unique rough texture.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.

Ice Mint

No. of Product: BM-4242

Size: 10*1.3 mm

Design Idea: The colour of ice mint reminds people of the icicle reflecting lights of the same colour.

Surface Feature: Smooth and semi-transparent.


No. of Product: BM-90161

Size: 7*3.8 mm

Design Idea: Various-sized spots are scattered across a smooth, solid marble panel.

Surface Feature: Low roughness.


No. of Product: BM-4239

Size: 7*1.3 mm

Design Idea:

When an artisan makes a clay pot, we can observe that it is shaped from bottom to top with noticeable horizontal lines.

Surface Feature: Medium roughness.


No. of Product: BM-90161

Size: 7*3.8 mm

Design Idea: The rain has been falling incessantly, like thousands of needles and threads falling from the sky.

Features and Benefits

Our new collection has four key features:

  • Colourfulness

For over three decades, we have been supplying PE rattan material to our target markets, and we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what characteristics each country has. The colours in our new collection show respect for the art of African, Asian, and Latin countries. We believe that colours are a powerful tool for furniture design, and consumers today need furniture to reflect their aesthetics and lifestyles.

  • Diversified Surface Effects

Our pursuit of diversified rattan surface effects is ongoing. We strive to achieve a range of effects, from flat to three-dimensional, from rough and rigid to smooth and soft surfaces. We adhere to meticulous processing standards to ensure quality stability across different batches.

  • Naturalness

“Go back to nature” is an adventure worth people’s attempts and efforts. At Leisure Touch-Rattan, we are dedicated to revealing the hidden sides of nature and expressing these secrets through our PE rattan materials.

  • Story-Telling

We do not aim to merely supply materials that meet our customers’ needs. Rather, we strive to become a creative business partner for all relevant furniture enterprises, providing them with original and inspiring design ideas. In an age that values originality more than ever before in human history, we observe, record, and introspect about life to create new rattan products with compelling stories behind them. These stories serve as critical links between individuals, connecting us with our customers and our customers with their end users.

Company Philosophy

Our mission is to provide outdoor living solutions that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional. We believe that the outdoor area of a home or business should be treated with the same attention to detail as any indoor space. Our furniture combinations and business function layout solutions are designed to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them more livable and enjoyable.

At our company, we value our employees and believe in treating them with respect and dignity. Our manpower philosophy is growth-driven, meaning that we invest in our employees’ professional development and encourage them to take on new challenges. We also believe in being diligent and humane, maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all our team members.

LTR team
LTR team

When it comes to our customers, we strive to be innovative and considerate in all aspects of our business. We understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences, and we work hard to provide personalized solutions that meet these requirements. Whether it’s designing a custom outdoor furniture set or creating a functional and stylish business layout, we always put the customer’s needs first.

customer visit
Customers at Showroom

Finally, we believe in social responsibility and the importance of collaborating with stakeholders. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all areas of our business. We also believe in giving back to the community and regularly participate in charitable initiatives and events. At our company, we believe that social responsibility is not just a buzzword, but a core value that we must uphold in everything we do.

Core Values

We make PE rattan furniture materials that have emotional value to our clients and end users. It means we enable furniture designers, producers, and contractors to use our materials to create furniture or construction works which express their idealism on humanity, social responsibility, environmental protection, and pursuit of truth, beauty and kindness.

Challenges & Opportunities

For all the positive outlooks and perspectives on the prosperity of the outdoor furniture industry, we are not too optimistic. The global economic slowdown, the uncertain geographical political circumstance, the emergence of new competitors, and the changing shifts in lifestyles and aesthetics negatively impact the existing manufacturing enterprises.

However, Leisure Touch-Rattan Co. is always ready to do the right and difficult tasks in order to adapt to the trend of the times. Besides, we will start actively embarking on construction materials such as rooftop construction. We are also more than happy to be involved in cultural and tourism projects, through which we could explore more possibilities in new application scenarios.

Our Company pride itself on our humility in prosperity and acuity in adversity. We believe that if we take challenges as an opportunity, we will grow more vital to be a better business partner for our clients.


At Leisure Touch-Rattan, we are proud to introduce our new collection, Rattan Designs 2023, which includes seventeen PE rattan designs classified into three categories: environment, plants, and inorganic.

We aim at providing you with outdoor living solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional, treating employees with respect and dignity, being innovative and considerate in all aspects of business, and promoting social responsibility.

Despite the challenges and negative impacts on the existing manufacturing enterprises, we adapt to the trend of the times, explore new possibilities in new application scenarios, and take on challenges as opportunities to become a better business partner for you.

Are you excited about the future of outdoor furniture? Explore our Rattan Designs 2023 collection today and speak with our specialists to start your custom journey. An easy click, a big step towards progress.

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