Everything You Need to Know about Artificial Rattan


If you are already in the production of artificial rattan furniture, you know what this material is and how to use it. In this case, it will be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with our Rattan assortment.

If you are planning to start the production of wicker furniture, or if you sell materials for the production of furniture and want to expand your product line, then in our article, you will find comprehensive information about artificial rattan and the technology for its use.

Artificial rattan furniture
Artificial rattan furniture

What is artificial rattan?

Artificial rattan, also known as eco-rattan, poly-rattan, synthetic rattan and techno-rattan, is a tape or fibre made of synthetic material produced by extrusion. Artificial rattan replaces natural rattan in producing wicker furniture because it is cheaper, durable, and resistant to moisture and sunlight. Artificial rattan is especially suitable for outdoor furniture, is low maintenance and can be recycled. It has a longer service life and a broader colour palette than natural rattan.

Types of artificial rattan

The term “artificial rattan” hides materials with different properties and appearances with different scopes. We produce rattan from several types of raw materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and, high-pressure polythene (PVD), polyurethane (PU), polypropylene (PP). Most often, we use PVC and PVD rattan to manufacture furniture. We will talk about them in more detail.

PVC rattan is soft, flexible and plastic. It is easy and convenient to weave from it. PVC is well suited for winding carcasses and weaves that need to fit snugly into the product.

PVD rattan is tough and resilient, can withstand heavy loads, up to 150 kg, is more resistant to adverse weather conditions and is more durable. We use it for the integral weaving of large surfaces around the frame.

The choice of the profile also depends on the type of product and design features.

LEISURETOUCH-RATTAN factory produces four types of profiles most often used in the manufacture of wicker furniture – these are flat, round, semi-circular and seaweed. You can see these profiles here.

LTRs Professional Customisation Service
Four types rattan

Rattan size – thickness and width for a flat profile and diameter for a round one – is usually indicated in mm. The price is displayed for 1 kg and sold by weight. To correctly calculate the amount of rattan when buying, check the density of the material.

Equipment for the Production of Artificial Rattan Furniture

To start production, you need to understand what equipment you need. We list below the machines, mechanisms and tools for the production of rattan furniture:

– cutter for aluminium frame tubes

– pipe bending machine

– stamping press

– drilling machine

– welding machine

– Grinder

– compressor

You may also need hand tools such as a furniture stapler, a knife, a soldering iron to fasten the end connections, a hammer, etc. You can find the necessary information about the equipment on our website.

Rattan furniture production
Rattan furniture production

What other materials do we need for the production of wicker furniture?

The choice of materials will depend on the design of your products. We usually use cast or forged aluminium to manufacture wicker furniture made of artificial rattan. Sometimes we use wood treated with an antiseptic. Tables and cabinets often have glass tops. For large furniture, you may need various fittings: supports for the legs of tables and chairs, handles for cabinet doors, etc.

What exactly can we make from artificial rattan?

People produce a wide range of furniture from artificial rattan: furniture for cafes and public spaces, garden furniture, and furniture for an apartment. You can create chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, beds, rocking chairs, hanging chairs, cabinets, benches, deck chairs, chests, drawers, and cabinets. In addition, we weave baskets, flower pots, rugs and even bags from this convenient and reliable material. Different shapes, colours and textures, plasticity and ease of use allow for many design options, from classic to modern. You can organize production according to your resources and taste and find your niche in the market. You can open a furniture factory, a small workshop, weave in your garage and even at home.

Artificial Rattan Colour

The most popular today is artificial wood-coloured rattan that imitates nature. Shades can vary from very light to very dark. In addition to wood, thanks to the popularity of the Scandinavian style, white is in fashion. However, technically rattan can be dyed any colour. The question is whether the supplier has the colour that suits you in stock. If you order a significant amount, the manufacturer will paint the batch in your colour.

Rattan inspiration from Eve
Rattan inspiration from Eve


Like any product, artificial rattan comes in good and bad quality. Poor-quality rattan quickly loses its appearance. Its service life could be longer. Therefore, you must pay special attention to this issue. If you have found a supplier and selected suitable items, request samples and documents confirming compliance with quality standards and declared characteristics. Artificial rattan must comply with the ISO9001: 2000 standard. A conscientious manufacturer exercises quality control at all stages of production. You can read more about the quality control system on our website https://www.leisuretouchrattan.com/quality-management/.

Plastic Rattan Quality Control
Plastic Rattan Quality Control

How to choose a supplier?

For a manufacturing or trading company, the supplier of the goods must be reliable. Orders must be fulfilled and delivered on time. The quality of the materials must be stable. The supplier must comply with the terms of the contract and specifications. The service must be at a high level. An indicator of the supplier’s reliability is positive customer feedback, a long period of existence on the market, and a vast geography of work. Own production base and modern equipment will ensure uninterrupted supply. Collect as much information about the supplier as possible, visit the factory and warehouse, and get customer recommendations.


If you need help choosing artificial rattan, information on prices and working conditions, consultation on the organization of production, assistance in purchasing equipment and training employees, don’t hesitate to get in touch with LEISURETOUCH – RATTAN specialists. We will be happy to help.

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