Rattan Sheet Application- Home Project in the Philippines

Client’s Background

This customer is from the Philippines and is a project designer. His client wanted him to apply some rattan elements to the ceilings of her home, especially to the roofs of her living room and bedrooms. That is because his customer prefers a forest style and wants some natural decorations in her living area, so that she can feel a strong sense of being natural and outdoors in her house. Leisure Touch Rattan, one of the leading rattan manufacturers in China, is famous for its high-quality and exquisite outdoor materials. Therefore, when this Filipino customer was doing research online, he found us and was attracted by our plastic rattan. He was thinking about applying rattan sheets to the ceiling to create a sense of nature indoors.

However, this customer had several concerns, and he didn’t know if our product could satisfy his client’s needs. Firstly, this customer was worried about whether the rattan sheet could stay on the ceiling and whether it would fall on the ground easily. Secondly, since there are lights and other objects on the ceiling, the cutting process will be challenging. He was worried about how we could ensure that the rattan sheet would remain its original shapes and aesthetics without spreading out or falling while cutting it. Lastly, since the rattan roll was going to be used on the ceiling and would not be cleaned or maintained by people, they worried that would it fade, rot, or break after a while?

LTR’s PE Rattan Solution and Service

To create the feeling of an outdoor paradise for our Philippine customer’s client, we went through an efficient and comprehensive communication with him and recommended him our flat rattan that perfectly matched his client’s home. Then, we customized the rattan sheet with various sizes based on the client’s home.

What is Plastic Rattan
LTR’s Flat Rattan

Then, in response to the customer’s concerns, we offered the following solutions to solve the problems:

1. According to the problem of firmness, we first used nails and nail-free glue together to fix the rattan sheet on the inner roof. This double protection allows the rattan sheet to stay firmly on the ceiling and prevent it from falling.


Project’s Details

2. When we cut off the extra plastic rattan, we will first nail the outline of the positions where the lights were located tightly. After that, we just started to cut off the additional materials based on the outline we set. After nailing the outline, the rattan sheet will not break or lose due to the cutting process, maintaining a fresh and beautiful indoor decoration for his customer.


3. Lastly, the quality issues, such as the colour-fading problem, have been tested by our factory and our customers. One of our customers took our samples back and put them outdoors for a long time to test their various quality performances. After the test, our plastic rattan materials did not fade or even rot after being exposed to the sun and rain outdoors for a long time.

Our tailor-made solution not only satisfies our Philippine customer but also helps his client create a wonderful indoor paradise with plastic rattan sheets. Are you interested in getting more related information regarding LTR’s plastic rattan? Please click here for more details!


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