Octogonal Plaiting


INTRODUCTION The application of rattan mesh for the manufacture of furniture and accessories both indoors and outdoors is a technique …

Furniture That is Made of LTRs Plastic Rattan

10 Benefits of Rattan Outdoor Furniture for Commercial Spaces

Introduction In today’s fast-paced world, the outdoor place has become a sanctuary for many people, offering a respite from the …


How to Find a Reliable Plastic Wood Manufacturer?

The Wide Use of Plastic Lumber (Plastic Wood) As a type of popular outdoor furniture material, plastic lumber is often …

A Closer Look to Plastic Wood 1

Why Is Plastic Lumber Chosen Over Other Wooden Material?

Introduction With the increasing forest logging of humans, the natural resources of trees have become limited and largely less than …

Rattan Furniture Under The Protection of Parasol

Rattan Material Revival: How to Care Rattan Furniture for Longevity

Growing Interest in Plastic Rattan Material In the industry of outdoor furnishings, the use of plastic rattan has grown a …

Modern and Comfortable Bed With Rattan Elements

8 Surprising Plastic Rattan Furniture That You Would Like To Know

Introduction Due to people’s increasing need to stay outdoors and embrace a healthier lifestyle, the industry of outdoor furniture is …


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