10 Benefits of PE Rattan & Wood Bulk Orders for Contract Designers & Furniture Brands


As an industry expert for PE rattan material and plastic wood lumber for 3 decades, our company, Leisure Touch Rattan, has met many contract designers and furniture brands who rely on high-quality, customised furniture materials.

However, sourcing or making furniture can be challenging, especially with manufacturers of small-scale rattan material and plastic wood board. That is where bulk orders come in.

This article will explore the benefits of Leisure Touch Rattan bulk orders for contract designers and furniture brands and how our PE Rattan & PS Wood Factory can meet your needs.

Benefits of PE Rattan & PS Wood Bulk Orders for Contract Designers

1. Cost savings

By placing a bulk order, contract designers can save money by taking advantage of economies of scale. The larger the order, the lower the cost per unit is.

If you cooperate with different small, specialised factories, you spend more time on coordination and have longer lead times.

2. Customisation options

Bulk orders allow you to tailor rattan wicker material to meet your specific design needs, whether adjusting the size or choosing the right colour scheme.

The customisation process includes the following:

  • Consultation with your team to determine your needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Design and planning phase, where our designer creates sketches, samples, or prototypes of the custom rattan wicker material and plastic wood lumbers.
  • Production and assembly, where the artificial rattan and wood are made according to the agreed-upon specifications

3. Time savings

By ordering in bulk, you can reduce the time for material sourcing and selection, allowing yourself to focus on other aspects of your project: design and concept development, budgeting and cost management, quality control and assurance.

4. Quality Consistency

By ordering from the same manufacturer, you can ensure consistency in the quality of the furniture, which is important for maintaining a professional image.

5. Relationship building with the factory

You can develop a relationship that fosters better communication and greater trust by placing regular bulk orders with the same manufacturer. It ensures you a long-term strategic return because:  

  • You have preferential pricing, discounts, or special deals.
  • You have opportunities for collaboration and innovation in product design and development.
  • You have exclusive access to new product try-out and industry analytics reports.

Benefits of Synthetic Rattan & Wood Bulk Orders for Furniture Brands

plastic wood
Plastic wood

1. Cost savings

Similar to contract designers, as a furniture brand, you can save money by ordering synthetic rattan & wood in bulk. It dramatically reduces your labour, operation, equipment, and transportation costs.

2. Quality Consistency

Synthetic rattan & wood bulk orders allow your brands to maintain consistent quality across product lines, which is important for building a brand that customers trust.

3. Branding opportunities

Bulk orders allow you to customise synthetic rattan & wood lumbers to feature their unique textures, colours and finishes, enhancing your brand recognition.

4. Time savings

By ordering Leisure Touch materials in bulk, you can streamline your production process and reduce the production cycle because moving faster than your competitors to launch new products onto the market is crucial.

5. Scalability and growth potential

Bulk orders allow you to scale your operation and keep prices competitive, ensuring a bigger market share and higher profit margins.

How Leisure Touch PE Rattan & Wood Factory Can Meet Your Needs

1. Manufacture Capability

Leisure Touch PE Rattan & Wood Factory is a leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture materials in China.

Our company can fulfil large-scale bulk orders for contract designers and furniture brands.

We use a combination of handcrafted and machine-made techniques to ensure consistent quality across all products. Our manufacturing sites boast 165 extruders and over 200 skilful artisans.

PE rattan production flow
PE rattan production flow
plastic wood production flow
Plastic wood production flow

2. State-of-the-art Technologies

We take great pride in our outstanding laboratory and the team of professionals committed to material testing and product development. Our lab features the following state-of-the-art machines:

  • Touch-screen Intelligent Salt Spray Tester: A device used to simulate the effects of saltwater on material surfaces. Usually, it sprays a saltwater mist onto the surface for a certain amount of time. It is typically used to test the corrosion resistance of materials.
Salt Spray Test Machine
Touch-screen Intelligent Salt Spray Tester
  • Tensile Testing Machine: A machine that measures the tensile strength of a material by applying tension to a sample until it breaks. This test helps determine the material’s elasticity, flexibility, and strength.
  • UV Testing Machine: A machine used to test the effects of UV radiation on materials and products, which is particularly important for outdoor applications.
Tensile Testing Machine UV Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine UV Testing Machine
  • Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber: A machine used to simulate different environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, to test the effects of these conditions on the performance of materials and products.
Programmable Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber
Programmable Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber
  • Alloy Composition Analyser: A device used to analyse the composition of alloys, including metals and plastics, to ensure they meet certain specifications.
  • Single-Arm Drop Tester: A machine used to test the durability of products by dropping them from a specified height and angle to simulate different scenarios in which the product may be dropped.
  • Melt Flow Indexer: A device used to measure the flow rate of molten plastics through a small-diameter hole, which can help determine the quality and consistency of the plastic.
Melt Index Measuring Machine
Melt Index Measuring Machine

3. Successful Bulk Orders

Since 1993, we have served contract designers and PE rattan & wood furniture businesses worldwide, especially in East Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. Satisfied clients have praised our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

leisure touch rattan logo
Leisure Touch Rattan


Bulk orders provide a variety of benefits for both contract designers and furniture brands.

Placing large orders can save money, customise materials, and build relationships with your sourcing manufacturers.

Wicker Rattan & Plastic Wood Factory Leisure Touch is well-equipped to meet your needs, with a production process emphasising quality and consistency.

Interested in further consultation with us? Please don’t hesitate to click here—learn more about bulk orders of PE wicker & PS wood material today!

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