Rattan Pieces Resort Roof: Importing Synthetic Rattan from China

Project Overview

Project Name: Vakkaru Resort Roof
Location: Vakkaru, Baa Atoll
Country: Maldives
Order Date: May 30th, 2023
Products: BM-32587 flat rattan rolls

Client’s Background

Vakkaru is co-owned by Egypt Travco Hotel Group and Arabic Germania Investment Co. It was designed by the OT Design team from Holland, which also contributed to parts of the ONE & ONLY and Cheval Blanc Randheli projects in the Maldives. The design of Vakkaru is quite similar to that of Cheval Blanc Randheli, earning it the nickname “little Cheval Blanc Randheli”.
Located on the famous Baa Atoll in the Maldives, Vakkaru offers 125 beach and overwater suites. Visitors have access to outdoor pools, tennis courts, a fitness and wellness centre, a luggage room, a library, and electric bikes all over the island. The hotel also provides special services, such as babysitting and child care services (extra-charge programs).

1. vakkaru villa
Vakkaru villa construction site

LTR’s PE Rattan Solution and Service

Since the lifting of the worldwide pandemic quarantine in early 2023, the tourism industry has seen an uptick in hospitality in the Maldives. As a result, the owner of Vakkaru has decided to expand and renovate their overwater villas to increase their hotel capacity. A thatched roof consists of a waterproof base made of rattan pieces, topped by an outer thatch layer. During the hotel purchasing manager’s search for a suitable synthetic rattan material supplier online, he discovered LTR’s website.

Following a thorough communication with the hotel purchasing manager, our specialist Linda recommended the use of our BM-32587 flat rattan, which is 9mm in width and 1.2mm in length. This type of rattan strip is easy to weave and has excellent weather resistance. We then used these rattan strips in our weaving machine to produce rattan sheets, which measure 1.22m in width and 2.44m in length. We packed a total of 680 pieces of rattan sheets with sturdy, solid wooden frames to protect the products and conceal the edge banding. Lastly, our rattan strips possess remarkable fire retardant properties, a key feature for hotel and resort facilities.

rattan woven piece
Rattan woven piece
roll up rattan piece
Roll-up pieces
rolls of rattan pieces
Rolls of pieces

Our cargo arrived at the destination as scheduled. The hotel expressed its satisfaction with the packaging, quality, and craftsmanship of our rattan weave products. The resort villa expansion project is still ongoing according to plan. They even emailed us a few photos of the construction site, expressing their appreciation for our contribution. We feel grateful and honoured to be part of this amazing resort expansion program. We hope LTR will be able to serve more hotels and villas worldwide, making our planet a better travel-friendly place.

wood box packing
Wood box packing
cargo loading
Cargo loading


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