The concept of a project in which a steel structure is combined with synthetic rattan in the construction and installation process of a swimming pool several years ago would have sounded somewhat absurd, however, the need to satisfy the different demands of the market and to adapting to new trends are one of the main causes that have encouraged several pool manufacturers to break barriers and develop new pool models where elegance and beauty predominate. It is a very innovative project that It seeks to save the user’s time and money as well as guarantee the aesthetic appeal of the product. Synthetic rattan, being a product that is manufactured from high-density polyethylene, has certain mechanical and physical factors that allow this material to be used in this type of projects because it is a material that is tolerant of contact with water, solar rays and long duration.



Piscine laguetto is an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of swimming pools, the company was founded in 1974. These were years of prosperity and economic growth, and the idea of a garden pool that was easy to make, beautiful and durable won over the public to such an extent that Piscine laguetto quickly became the reference brand for residential above-ground swimming pools.

It is a company characterised by success, intuition, the implementation of new and avant-garde projects characterised by attention to quality and service, without losing the Italian style and design.

A water lounge: Playa

Synthetic rattan is a material that is mainly used for the manufacture of furniture and accessories that are intended to remain for a long period of time outdoors, however, Piscine la guetto as a company with avant-garde ideas uses the material to cover the exterior surface of the pool thus increasing both the aesthetic appeal and the durability of the product.

Playa 1

This model is called Playa, a contribution of the designer Luigii Spedini, in its inner area it has the same characteristics as a conventional pool, however the outer part is lined with synthetic rattan half-moon grey colour. It also has a Living accessory, with its soft cushions, transforms any environment into a pleasant oasis of wellbeing.

A subliminal concept in the Garden: Divina Skimmer

This is another model from Piscine laguetto, a swimming pool with a contemporary charm. Divina combines the requirements of style and elegance with the desire to have fun with the family.

Divina Skimmer
Divina Skimmer

The pool has two colour variations for the rattan lining, the possibility of personalising the living room and the wide range of sizes make every Divina pool unique.


Kitpool is a leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and supply of products and solutions for the construction of swimming pools in the main European countries. The company offers innovative solutions to improve the strength and assembly time of prefabricated swimming pools. These pools are ideal for those users who have little space at home for the installation of a conventional pool.

Kitpool _White rattan
Kitpool _White rattan

The company uses different materials to cover the outside surface of the pool including synthetic rattan. For this project it focuses on the application of flat rattan to give the pool an elegant and innovative look.


  • Materials

Although the models of these pools are different, the materials used in the manufacturing and installation process are very similar. Taking the beach pool as an example, it is composed of a modular structure and reclining in 3 dimensions, it is made with prefabricated elements and opportunely assembled on site that form the pool’s canvas.

The material composing the structure of the pool is made of magnelis steel with epoxy coating, this special treatment allows greater resistance to corrosion. The material used inside the pool is a coated trevira fabric cover: a waterproof tensile-structural membrane that is supplied already welded and perforated to house the pool’s internal accessories. The foot of the grating and all the bolts are made of stainless steel. Finally, the material covering the external surface of the pool is a synthetic polypropylene fibre obtained by extrusion and commonly known as synthetic rattan.

  • Instalation

The application of synthetic rattan in the exterior cladding of swimming pools is mainly due to the fact that it is a raised or semi-raised rattan which allows it to be woven around the structure of the pool.

Determination of the ground : The first step in the installation process is to determine the ground on which you want to place the pool, generally it is a flat and correctly levelled ground, it can be placed in the garden, on the roof and depending on the support capacity of the structure of the building, it can also be placed inside homes or hotels.

Installation of the structure : As it is a prefabricated structure, the first step is to place the panels, then with a screwing machine the stability is ensured by placing screws in the lower part and perforating part of the ground where the structure is attached, which makes it easier to assemble the corners or sides of the pool.

Estructura de acero
Estructura de acero

Laying the tarpaulin : the tarpaulin is placed inside the pool and is perfectly assembled in the corners of the pool which facilitates the laying of the pipe system for the water supply of the pool.

Installation of the rattan structure: there are two ways of covering the rattan around the pool structure, the first is to weave the rattan in the form of a prefabricated mesh and then assemble it around the structure, the second way is to use the prefabricated panels that make up the structure and weave the rattan around them before being assembled, i.e. a prefabricated steel structure covered with rattan.


Synthetic rattan is a material which is mainly made of plastic, mostly high density polyethylene, with a number of additive materials including picments, antioxidants, anti-UV agents, light stabilisers etc. The combination of these materials allows the synthetic rattan to be a very resistant and flexible material which guarantees the durability of the rattan covering, at the same time it is a material whose physical and chemical properties make it immune to the different climatic agents so that neither the exposure to the sun, the spillage of water from the rain or the swimming pool nor the humidity generate the deterioration of this material, which makes it an ideal material for this type of projects.


There are several platforms where it is easy to find synthetic rattan suppliers of which the most popular is Alibaba, you can also find a supplier through Instagram, Facebook or Youtube videos.

  • Does synthetic rattan wear out when it comes into contact with water?

Synthetic rattan is a material that is mostly made of plastic, which allows it to come into contact with water without any changes in its composition.

  • What material is synthetic rattan made of?

Synthetic rattan is mostly made of plastic and various additives.

  • How do I get a quote for rattan?

You can get a quote for different models and colours of synthetic rattan by going to the Leisure touch rattan (LTR) website.

  • Does the purchase price also include shipping?

Depending on the location of the supplier the price of the rattan may or may not include shipping, in case you want to import, the price of the rattan does not include shipping.


The different demands of the market and the adaptation of new trends are several of the factors that drive projects like these, the companies Piscine laguetto and Kitpool are offering a differentiating and elegant product, in short, they have been able to adapt to the trend of using synthetic rattan for different outdoor projects. The high versatility and flexibility of synthetic rattan make it a very desirable material and in the next few years there will continue to be projects outside the traditional in which synthetic rattan is used.

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