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We specialize in providing high-quality plastic wood board for outdoor furniture.

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548,98.18 m²


Factory Size

1,120 Tons / Year

Plastic Rattan

2,800 Tons / Year

Plastic Wood Board


200+ Units

Extrusion Machines

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LTR plastic wood boards are synthetic materials that look like natural wood to create durable and attractive outdoor furniture.
plastic wood for outdoor furniture
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plastic wood lumber for outdoor chair

Trusted Outdoor Furniture Materials Supplier in China

100% Customisation

Create outdoor furniture materials with high-end customisation.

98% Good Quality Rate

Provide any outdoor furniture with superior durability and service life.


GRS proved and produced with low carbon emissions.

100% Eco-friendly

GRS proved and produced with low carbon emissions.

90% Automated Production

With 7 days of free proofing, get your materials in a short time.


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    Explore Further Possibilities for Every Material
    Explore Further Possibilities
    for Every Material

    Custom Outdoor Furniture Material that’s Distinctly Yours

    We accept 100% materials customisation and look at your market’s preferences to help you offer one-of-a-kind,
    easy-to-maintain outdoor furniture materials that your customers will enjoy.
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    Exquisitely Made For Outdoor Furniture

    The patented plastic wood board from LTR allows manufacturers and carpenters to create outdoor furniture that can withstand the outdoor elements. In addition, LTR boards are a sustainable solution for making beautiful wooden furniture. 

    Patented Design


    Resists Termites

    Available for stapling, planing, sawing and drilling

    Tailor-made Services That Transform Your Brand

    Exquisite Material from Competent Factory

    The Fine Production of Plastic Wood

    With a focus on quality, durability, productivity and eco-friendliness, our wood products are not only visually appealing and practical, but also a responsible choice for customers who care about the planet.

    Thanks to our tip top sparking machines, sawing machines, water mills, CNC machines, drilling machines, extrusion machines and injection molding machines etc., we can produce high quality and unique plastic wood products to meet your particular requirements and preferences.

    Plastic wood cutting
    CNC Machinery
    Plastic wood drilling
    Plastic wood tapping

    Shaping Quality Excellence of Wood Boards

    We meticulously followed a number of processes in the manufacture of plastic wood board in order to create a completed product of the finest quality.

    Applications in Furniture Making

    Proof of Reliability

    REACH Plastic wood

    GRS Certificate



    Equip Your Furniture Factory with Advanced Solution

    We help you create a detailed production plan, including factory layout, machine procurement and engineering proposals.

    Materials + Training

    A Variety of Products

    We provide you with all the materials needed for production, including aluminum tubes, plastic rattan and wood, and plastic accessories.

    Professional Instruction

    To prepare your team for the task ahead, we will send you seasoned instructors(at least 2) that will impart time-tested manufacturing techniques and efficient furniture processes.

    Materials + Equipments + Training

    Abundant Product Portfolio

    From aluminum tubes to plastic rattan and wood pieces, we will supply you with all the materials you need to help you fulfill your outdoor furniture project.

    Equipment Sourcing

    We will then source the equipment you’ll need for the project, like cutting machines, bending, and drilling machines, among others.

    Clear Coaching

    Our instructors will continue to provide expert coaching and direction to ensure you’re well-equipped to create outdoor furniture.

    Proof of Reliability

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    Angela Jensen

    Procurement Manager

    Very good customer care. They have genuinely good quality products with reasonable prices. Timely shipping will recommend you buy from them.

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    Procurement Manager

    I am very satisfied with plastic wood.
    The seller is very cooporative, quick responding, helpful & very Professional. Product quality is outstanding too.


    Procurement Manager

    Great experience working with Leisure Touch. The seller is very responsive to all my queries. Great customer service.


    Nature's Best for Outdoor Rest: Plastic Wood Board

    Maximize your sales with our eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance plastic wood board materials, offering comfort and sustainable outdoor experience.

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      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

      *Please upload only jpg, png, pdf, dxf, dwg files. *Size limit is 10MB.