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We specialize in providing high-quality synthetic rattan, artificial thatch, and plastic accessories for outdoor furniture.

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548,98.18 m²

Factory Size

1,120 Tons / Year

Plastic Rattan

2,800 Tons / Year

Plastic Wood Board

200+ Units

Extrusion Machines

Explore Durable Synthetic
Rattan Products for All Outdoor Needs

Superior durability and weather resistance let the materials last longer in any environment.
Synthetic Rattan
sea grass rattan beige
Half Moon Patio Rattan Cane Raw Material BM-90170 detail
Round Eco-friendly Outdoor Rattan Core Material BM-90163 cross section
Brown Plastic Rattan B2B Factory BM-30307
custom sea grass rattan grey white
Semicircle UV-resistant PE wicker material BM-90161 detail
artificial rattan BM 32656
Synthetic Rattan Roll
Bulk Rattan Material for Outdoor Chair BM-31421
Grey Outdoor Garden Dining Chairs Rattan Material Bulk BM-9378
Brown PE rattan weaving material supplier BM-32816
Synthetic rattan wholesale BM-32825
Customisation Rattan Artificial Bulk BM-31923
Weather-resistant Synthetic Rattan Material Wholesale BM-4242
Rattan Cane Webbing Roll Manufacture BM-11397
synthetic rattan material bulk BM-4243
Cane Rattan Mesh
Cane Rattan Mesh 5
Cane Rattan Mesh 6
Cane Rattan Mesh 7
Cane Rattan Mesh 8
Cane Rattan Mesh 4
Cane Rattan Mesh 2
Cane Rattan Mesh 3
Cane Rattan Mesh 1
Artificial Thatch
Artificial Thatch 7
Artificial Thatch 2
Artificial Thatch 6
Artificial Thatch 3
Artificial Thatch 8
Artificial Thatch 1
Artificial Thatch 5
Artificial Thatch 4

Trusted Outdoor Furniture Materials Supplier in China

100% Customisation

Create outdoor furniture materials with high-end customisation.

98% Good Quality Rate

Provide any outdoor furniture with superior durability and service life.

100% Eco-friendly

GRS proved and produced with low carbon emissions.

90% Automated Production

With 7 days of free proofing, get your materials in a short time.


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    Our Varied Material Customisations

    01. Colour

    02. Shape

    03. Size

    04. Texture

    rattan product

    05. Finishing

    01. Colour

    02. Shape

    03. Size

    04. Texture

    05. Finishing

    rattan product

    Various Applications

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    Synthetic Rattan

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    Cane Rattan Mesh


    Synthetic Rattan Roll

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    Artificial Thatch

    Tailor-made Services That Transform Your Brand

    Shaping Quality Excellence of Rattans

    The process of making plastic rattan involves several steps that we carefully executed in order to produce a high-quality finished product.

    Material Preparation

    Gathering and mixing the necessary raw materials, which typically include HDPE, LDPE and other additives such as colorants and antioxidant.


    This involves feeding the material blend into an extruder in high temperature and fast speed before forcing it through a die to form a required shape.


    To create a distinctive pattern, we use a bespoke mold to shape the extruded plastic into the desired size and shape.

    Water Cooling

    Water is circulated through the mold to rapidly cool the plastic, which helps to solidify it into its final form, preventing deformities.


    The automated embossing machine will serve to produce different surface effects on the cooled rattan, such as sea grass pattern and bamboo pattern.


    After cooling, the plastic rattan is then rolled or twisted into large rolls, making it easier to handle and transport.


    The PE rattan rolls will be packed with our original design packaging bags, involving labeling and final quality checks.

    Thorough Quality Tests

    Tensile Test Machine

    Elongation Test

    The plastic material’s tensile strength and durability are tested by stretching it to 200% of its diameter.

    Temperature & Humidity Test Machine

    Weathering Test

    A weathering chamber allows us to see the physical reaction of our plastic rattan and wooden boards to the elements.

    Conventional Test Machine

    UV Aging Resistance Test

    Utilizing 2,000 hours of artificial lighting exposure to accelerate the effects of sunlight exposure, allowing us to determine our material’s durability.

    test on lab

    Melting Point Test

    We test the strength and appearance of our plastic rattan and wooden boards based on their melting point range.


    Metal Testing

    All materials go through our metal testing equipment to ensure the materials are free of any harmful materials and comply with RoHS standards.

    unnamed file

    Temperature & Humidity Test

    The test measures our plastic rattan and wood boards resistant to the moisture and heat elements.

    Salt Spray Test Machine

    Conventional Test

    LTR plastic rattans and wood boards’ resistance against physical damages are measured through conventional tests.

    Tensile Test Machine

    Tensile test

    This test ensures our plastic rattans and wood boards have a tensile strength of up to 70 Nm.

    Proof of Reliability

    REACH PE Rattan

    REACH Plastic wood

    SGS PE Rattan

    SGS PE Rattan

    GRS Certificate



    Equip Your Furniture Factory with Advanced Solution

    We help you create a detailed production plan, including factory layout, machine procurement and engineering proposals.

    Materials + Training

    A Variety of Products

    We provide you with all the materials needed for production, including aluminum tubes, plastic rattan and wood, and plastic accessories.

    Professional Instruction

    To prepare your team for the task ahead, we will send you seasoned instructors(at least 2) that will impart time-tested manufacturing techniques and efficient furniture processes.

    Materials + Equipments + Training

    Abundant Product Portfolio

    From aluminum tubes to plastic rattan and wood pieces, we will supply you with all the materials you need to help you fulfill your outdoor furniture project.

    Equipment Sourcing

    We will then source the equipment you’ll need for the project, like cutting machines, bending, and drilling machines, among others.

    Clear Coaching

    Our instructors will continue to provide expert coaching and direction to ensure you’re well-equipped to create outdoor furniture.

    Proof of Reliability

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    Your One-stop Supplier for Plastic Rattan & ARTIFICIAL THATCH

    Nature's Best for Outdoor Rest: Plastic Rattan and Artificial Thatch

    Maximize your sales with our eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance plastic rattan and artificial thatch materials, offering comfort and sustainable outdoor experience.

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      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

      *Please upload only jpg, png, pdf, dxf, dwg files. *Size limit is 10MB.